About This One B.

At first,  This One B. had no direction.  Then I took a class that involved blogging and was told I should have a focus.  Then I thought — screw that.  I’m writing about whatever I want here.

“Whatever I want” usually consists of normal 20-something female stuff: Dating, work, and health. And food. I love food. All of the above served with a heavy dose of humor, of course.

A Little More About B.

I’m a PR-bound Communication student the University of Washington, aspiring writer, “Elite” Yelper, part-time vegan and music lover; born and raised in the Seattle area. My weaknesses include canines, bass players, Haribo Gummy Bears (not vegan, for the record) and sunny days.  After 25 years of life and one bad idea to quit it, I decided that caffeine and I were just meant for each other — it makes me into a much, much better person.

If you or someone you know would like to give me a job in this hard-to-get-your-foot-in-the-door market,  please visit about.me/brittany.little and shoot me an email!

12 thoughts on “About

  1. First I have to say I am in awe of the header. Such vibrant colors. Looks great. Your about page is wonderful so the rest of your blog must be of the same caliber. I want to amaze you as a stranger who follows you. Have a great weekend and nice to meet you.

    • I’m actually more of a dog lover – the cat is my roommate’s. But I thought it was comical that he decided to intrude on my webcam session so I just kept clicking the capture button.

      I concur. Sharing states and names is pretty awesome!

      Basically all you have to do is eat haters. But considering haters are usually people and you’re a vegetarian and I’m pretty much becoming one…I’m going to have to find a new way to shit glitter. 😉 Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!!

  2. B, thanks for sharing, and nice blog! But I have a make-or-break question (it’s most definitely serious): do you like hot sauce? If so, what’s your favorite brand/kind? Yes, a crucial question!

    • You know, I just started at UW last winter so I’m not too familiar with their football team yet. I mostly just pay attention to the Seahawks.

      I have not yet been to the stadium or to see a game but would love to go. The only issue is that I can’t bring a friend with me who is out of college or attending a different one because the tickets get loaded directly onto my Husky card and I only get just the one. We’ll see if I make a few friends this quarter in class to accompany me. 🙂

      • Yeah, I think UW is a good school. I always just assumed I would go there so I still get caught off guard when people make a big deal of me going there. I mean it’s a good school, but it’s no Ivy League, you know?

        That being said, I did get rejected the first time I applied. But that was before I earned my AA at a comm college and wanted to move the process along. A year later, after I finished my AA, I got accepted. I’ve had a lot of friends go, I’ve had friends get rejected and I’ve had friends who wouldn’t dare try.

        And then there are the people I have class with that I think, “how in the f–k did YOU make it in here??”

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