Until We Meet Again…Goodbye.

I am shutting this blog down.

I started this blog just a little over two years ago, and had moderate success with it when I first began.  I probably wrote better back then.  Or didn’t get so distracted. Or worried about it having a purpose. Whatever the reason, my readership/comments have slowly declined into almost nothing and I can’t really blame anyone but myself.  I haven’t been dedicated enough to write anything interesting or even well. Frankly, I’m bored with this. If I’m bored, I can’t expect people who read this to be anything but bored either.

This isn’t to say this ends my blogging days.  I will keep this blog up until I’m done creating my new project.  I can’t say the same type of people who read this blog will be attracted to my next blog, but I’m more excited about it and I think that’s what matters the most at this point.

Thanks to the loyal few who have stuck around to read, hit “like”, or comment. I hope you stay tuned for what’s next.



One thought on “Until We Meet Again…Goodbye.

  1. Ah…B, you’ll be missed. Keep me updated on what your next blog will be about! I haven’t been posting as much lately either so I totally understand. But I’ve been writing my own stories lately so I don’t feel too badly. You have my email! Cheers, girl. I enjoyed your writing. 🙂

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