Is This What Growing Up is Like?

There is currently a list of foods stored on my phone that looks like this:

1. Milk
2. Spinach
3. White bread
4. Sugar-free Syrup
5. Sugar-free Red Bull
6. Black coffee
7. Chocolate
8. Vodka

No, this isn’t some sort of really odd grocery list of a diabetic, caffeinated, processed-food-loving drunk that is attempting “health” by adding spinach to the mix.  This is a list of foods that I can no longer eat (or I shouldn’t eat).  Whether it brings heartburn or an angry stomach, all of these things are bad news for B.

I found out as a teenager that I was lactose intolerant.  It wasn’t until recently when I was in the middle of a green smoothie craze, that I found out I’m also intolerant of spinach.

Spinach? Really?  But it’s a whole food! It’s healthy! Chock full of nutrients! Unprocessed! I should be fine, right? In fact, I’ve eaten a generous amount of spinach my entire life.  But now.  Now, my stomach says otherwise.  It took three instances in which I was keeled over with horrific abdominal pain (no other additional symptoms, just horrible pain) for hours after I consumed spinach for me to finally figure out what the deal was. I’m not allergic. I won’t die. I’m just intolerant. Just like milk and all dairy products; however the effects of spinach are far more painful and disruptive to me.

I remember fondly the days where I could eat basically anything without my body feeling pain or discomfort. Is this a sign that I’m not the spring chick I used to be?  That, like my glory days of being tennis team captain superstar (hah.), these foods need to just be let go?

Being that I feel perpetually 12, I have a hard time growing up (I’m already dreading my looming 26th birthday) so the fact that my body just can’t eat and drink like it used to is something I’ve tried to ignore.  Mind over body!  Nope.  I just can’t ignore it anymore. I feel like there’s a fire in my throat after a few sips of coffee and I just can’t deal.  Not to mention how hard this is on someone who regrettably has referred to herself as a “foodie”.

I’m also kind of hippie-dippy when it comes to stuff like this and refuse to take medications to help me consume these foods.  Sigh.

Since one of my resolutions was to focus on my health, I decided creating a list of things I eat before I have a bad reaction will help me pinpoint exactly what causes it, and then I can eliminate whatever is causing me discomfort (or take it to my GP so that he can help me figure it out).

It really puts a damper on that whole “living in the moment” thing that young people do, you know?

Is there anything you’ve loved to eat that ended up being your body’s worst enemy?  I’m still mourning the loss of spinach, myself. Please share your food woes with me!



2 thoughts on “Is This What Growing Up is Like?

  1. Vodka? That is actually probably for the best… I feel like it’s one of the most potent of alcohols or maybe it’s that it goes with EVERYTHING, so you forget how much you have consumed? Maybe that is just me.

    Spinach is pretty unfair, I love spinach, can’t believe your body hates it so!

    You shouldn’t take things to help you digest that stuff; your body hates it for a reason. I used to date a guy that smoked weed (two or three actually, but I only tried it with that one guy), anyway I tried it cause I was young and experimental. I had the same reaction to it that I had with bananas (super itchy inside my mouth and throat). I decided not to let it get the best of me… like I could outsmart my allergies or something, the next time I tried it (all Benadrylled up) the next morning I felt like my throat had been cut from the inside out with shards of glass. I don’t mess with any of my allergies anymore, I would say keep the meds on you but only use them if you have a dire need for it.

    For a while it looked like I wasn’t going to be able to eat avocados… and I can’t actually eat them straight, they have to have lime on them (the acid from the lime “cooks” it in a way… I don’t know the science behind it Mike does). I also can’t eat mushrooms if they aren’t cooked, those make me soooo itchy, I go from normal to completely panic stricken in a matter of seconds. The itching really makes me freak out.

    • Ugh, aren’t allergies the worst?

      I don’t have any medicines yet. I take claritin daily in the spring/summer because my eyes will get this weird skin thing from pollen allergies but nothing yet for serious food-related allergies. Keeping my fingers crossed.

      Also: I’ve never heard of someone having an allergy to weed. Interesting!

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