Another One of Those Damn Lists.

To be frank, I hate New Year’s resolutions.  I’ve always hated New Year’s resolutions.  I’ve adamantly tried to avoid having them; or I give it a different name like goals or hopes or something else equally stupid.

Part of me wonders if I’ve avoided them because I’m inherently defiant and rebellious.  I’ve tried so hard to not be the conventional brown or red or blue crayon, but the type of crayon you only get in the special jumbo packs like razzmatazz or Screaming Green or Jazzberry Jam. But the truth is, sometimes I do want what everyone else likes or or I do want to do what everyone else wants to do: like making a list of resolutions.

The thing about resolutions is that if you never tell a soul, you never have to be held accountable if you don’t resolve it.  I figure if I share this list on the world wide web, I’ll feel a little more accountable. Or maybe not at all — because somehow, telling the internet and telling no one can oftentimes feel like the same thing, right?

So, without further ado, I present to you my list of resolutions for 2014.

1. Get more fit. Focus on Health.
I know this one is vague.  Of course “lose weight” and “exercise”  are popular resolutions but I feel like that suggests as if I don’t make those daily goals already.  I’ve been on a better eating/working out mission since last spring, so this is just a continuation of that. The holidays are always a difficult time to keep on track, and I’ve admittedly fallen into that gap;  Too many sweets and not enough exercise with the excuse it’s too cold to go outside to run (my main form of exercise). So the resolution is to get back into my groove and keep going.  I also have a trip to El Salvador next thanksgiving to work for.  I’m not trying to be the only rolypoly taking surfing lessons!

I was so stoked to get this as a gift: FitBit Flex! It will sync directly with MyFitnessPal!

2. Budget better. Save more.
I used to be a shopaholic. Ok, I wasn’t really a shopaholic but I did spend a lot of money I should have on clothes/accessories. These days, I’ve managed to displace my over-shopping of clothes and accessories onto coffee & espresso…aka Starbucks and the stand down the street from my office. A few months ago I signed up for this website/app called mint and was horrified at the budget they gave me each month for my caffeine addiction based on my previous few months of spending.  The thought of what I could be saving! For someone who was forced to move back home temporarily to be able to swing also finishing my bachelor’s degree, it caught my attention.  A lot of future goals I have revolve around my available funds, so I want to seriously pay attention to that.

3. Read. Read. Read.
Like I mentioned in my last post, I read a decent amount during the year, but being in school it’s usually stuff I don’t necessarily want to read.  When you have to read something you don’t choose, it almost always seems like a chore and takes forever. When I do get to read at my own leisure, I’m surprised at 1) how voracious of a reader I can be with a good book in hand 2) how inspiring it can be to read a good book and 3) how I can be reminded at how utterly in love with words I am. Especially when put together in a way I’m not used to seeing reading Mass Media Law during my spring quarter of classes.

I started and finished this book on Christmas Day. SO good! I recommend it to everyone and their mother. Don’t wait for the movie!!

So there you have it, folks. My three resolutions for 2014.  There are, of course, a lot of goals and hopes (ugh) revolving around these three resolutions, but none of which can be fulfilled until after these are satisfied. I hope you can keep me to it.

I hope you all had very happy holiday, and will have an amazing  (yet safe) New Years Eve.   I’m raising a proverbial over half-full glass of optimism to a fantastic new year filled with memories and accomplishments galore.



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