The Christmas Hangover.

I’ve never been married which means I’ve never had a wedding. But each year after Christmas passes I wonder if this is what new brides feel like after 6 months to a year of planning a wedding.

I love Christmas, and I spend a good solid month trying to celebrate it in any way possible. Eggnog lattes, decorating the house, shopping for the perfect gifts, looking at lights, having holiday parties, watching Christmas movies, baking Christmas cookies, listening to Christmas music, spending a good deal of time finding the perfect wrapping paper for my gifts, and sometimes attending PNB’s Nutcracker. However so much preparation is spent for the two days of Christmas Eve and Christmas, that it seems to come and go in a flash.  Enter: Hangover.

If you’re anything like me, here are the 3 signs that you’re in the midst of a holiday hangover:

1. Fatigue
You’ve just spent the last month or more running around town to shop, running around your kitchen to bake or cook, dragging the boxes containing all your Christmas decorations out from the hole you stuffed them in last year and putting them out all over the house, attending holiday parties and dealing with all the traffic Christmas brings. After all that, what would make you even want to move during Christmas?  Not to mention all the weight you’ve put on from holiday goodies make you even less agile as you busy from place to place.

2. Depression
You’re so excited about the gift you bought so-and-so you just can’t wait to open it.  You’re so excited to see what you’re significant other picked out for you. You’re so excited to try out this new holiday recipe.  You’re so excited to look at all the holiday decorations. You’re so excited for the feeling of Christmas all month long. So once your friends and family members have opened your gifts, after you’ve opened yours, after you’ve eaten all the fruits of your labor and had all the joy and cheer you can bear, you wonder what’s next?  How could anything possibly measure up to Christmas and all it’s glory after you just spent a month putting work into it? Nothing can!  Enter post-xmas depression.

These definitely contributed to my holiday weight gain.  My favorite Christmas cookie!  We call them Russian Teacakes.

These definitely contributed to my holiday weight gain. My favorite Christmas cookie! We call them Russian Teacakes.

3. Bloating
You know how you feel after having a night of too much to drink?  That’s kind of like Christmas, but it’s like a full month of having too much to drink. and eat. And with all those Christmas movies to watch, there isn’t much time for movement!  You wake up the day after christmas with the same sick and bloated feeling but with an added amount of dread because it wasn’t just one night, it was a lot of nights! A lot of cookies! A lot of mashed potatoes! A lot of eggnog! A lot of everything you normally wouldn’t let yourself consume on a regular basis! Damn you, holidays.  You made me depressed, tired, and now fat.

The one redeeming quality of the Christmas Hangover, is that you have New Years a week later, which is where all of us on the Christmas Hangover can attempt to right our wrongs of the holiday season.  You know, quit eating sugar, get back into our workout routines, and start seeing a therapist for all that depression (wink).  New year, new you, right?

Hope all of you had a very merry holiday, nontheless!



Oh, and I’m never having a big wedding.

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