These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.

Last weekend, I blogged about my crummy week and consequently regretted it.

Perhaps it’s the catholic perma-guilt my mom has instilled in me (she actually isn’t catholic, but her family was when she was born so I’m guessing that’s where it came from) or the Scandinavian heritage that suggests I never talk about myself or complain too much that made me think to myself, What a sore loser you sound like! Wah-Wah. Get over it, and for heavens sakes don’t whine to the whole internet about it! Do you know HOW much worse it could be?!

So I apologize to readers out there.  That was one big pity party that should have been avoided.

In an effort to move this attitude around, I wanted to talk about the good things in my life. So I want to get my “Julie Andrews” on and talk about my favorite (mostly non-materialistic) things.

1. My bestie and my boy(friend)Every girl deserves a life-long best friend who will listen to you when you need to vent (or complain) and will celebrate the most with you when things are good. My bestie has been doing these things with me for the last 19 years and I appreciate when she recognizes when I’m having a rough time and makes sure I get out of it.  Same goes with the boy. They’re always there for me when I need them.  In good times and in bad.   If this were an Oprah-style favorite things, you and you and YOU would not get these two. Sorry.  They’re mineallmine.

2. Christmas
I love Christmas even more than pumpkin in the fall.  Christmas movies, Christmas music, Christmas cookies, Christmas TV, Christmas wrapping paper, Christmas lights. Christmas Christmas Christmas!  I love shopping for gifts.  I love trying to find the perfect thing for each friend or family member.  Usually each year, I organize our holiday giving program at work because it means I get to use other people’s money to shop for less fortunate kids, which is so fun! This year I decided to take on a new challenge by signing up for Reddit’s Secret Santa which is a totally cool way to give a gift to a random stranger somewhere across the country (or world!) and you also get one, too!  This year, the Secret Santa exchange made the news when Bill Gates decided to join.  My giftee ended up being really hard to shop for, but I hope he likes it anyway!

3. Cool Instagrams and Blogs
I happened upon this blog and have fallen in love with it, the writer, AND her instagram.  Seriously, nothing she publishes to the internet is ugly.  All the beauty and color from this one person inspires me so much to get creative. Check it out!

4. Books and writingI’ve been using my break from school to get some reading in, which in a way sounds kind of masochistic since I spend my time in school reading. But fun reading is different because I actually absorb the book as opposed to skimming it looking for the answers my teachers want.  I’ve just finished reading Gone Girl, which I highly recommend. I usually do a decent job of predicting how books will turn out but I didn’t predict this one at all which made it that much better for me. I’m currently reading Friday Night Lightswhich if you’re familiar with my recent obsession with the TV show, you’d understand why.  It’s different from what I usually read being as it’s non-fiction but nonetheless it’s a fascinating read about the way of life and football in west Texas in the 80s (I only imagine it’s even crazier now). Still on my list?  Where’d you go, Bernadette? and The Interestings

I’m also trying to write more. Privately, anyway. It’s always been on my list to attempt novel writing.  I doubt that I’ll be able to really start writing during this break, but I’m trying my best to brainstorm and just blindly write to see if I can come up with something of substance.

These are all things that will get me through December and get me through my pity parties. Y’know, the things that actually last when the crummy days come and go.




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