Can’t Win ‘Em All: My Week in Review

I finally have time to write because I’m no longer in school, there’s no Netflix obsession to take up my free time and well, I’m sick! Being sick is just the perfect ending to my week, really.

This is how it went:

-It started when I woke up late, and my tire pressure light went off as I tried to scramble to work. At below freezing temperatures while I’m already late, this was irritating. But I managed to make it in to work on time. Whew!  Little did I know this was just the beginning.

-It was also finals week.  If any of you who have read this blog for a while remember, I don’t do finals very well. At all.

-I dropped my phone. Granted, I do this all the time and nothing ever happens.  My phone has even fallen in water. Still works. This time, that blasted fall was the death of my beloved phone.  I’m still battling T-Mobile over a disastrous attempt to upgrade online and yadda yadda yadda.  In the meantime, I’m stuck with this lovely loaner:


You don’t realize how much you use your phone until you’re only limited to texting and calling (which on this knock-off blackberry, I can only do if I add a number as a contact).  Can’t instagram, check-in places, Google anything at any given moment, go to Starbucks (my gold card is lost, so I use my app), check traffic and weather in the morning, listen to music on runs.  I know this is the epitome first world problems here, but I’m realizing phones are worth their weight in gold. Anyway…

– The night before aforementioned final and right after my phone died, I had to stay at work extra late. So much for studying…

– My face started swelling on one side. Yup. Very attractive. I finally conquered my fear of the dentist this morning to find out I have an infection from my seriously impacted Wisdom teeth that must be removed ASAP.  I know I should count my blessings on this one, but all I can see are $$$ (did I mention I don’t have dental insurance?).

– I had my final.  It kind of sucked. I know the teacher hates me and I’m okay with that because I hate her. Well, I really really really dislike her. I’m telling everyone I know not to take her class. And I know a lot of people. It’s called THE INTERNET.

Bye Bye Fall Quarter 2013

Let this be a lesson to you kiddos out there: Go to the dentist, protect your phones with steel trap cases, and do well in your classes so that you don’t have to worry so much about finals.  I’m out.

Seeya later, shitty week!




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