I Didn’t Leave My Heart in San Francisco.

Nope.  It’s still right here beating normally in my chest which is currently in Seattle. Damn you, Tony Bennett.  The things you made me believe…

Maybe I’m just bitter.  Maybe deep inside, I know my home of Seattle is like the younger, not as attractive or well-rounded, sister of San Francisco.

Seattle: “What does SF have that I don’t have?  More sun? more warmth (both figuratively and literally)? More colorful? Oh, I get it.  It’s all those curves, huh? Psh.”

San Francisco: “Oh, Seattle.  You’re so ‘doom and gloom’.  It’s actually kind of cute. You’ll grow up someday, don’t worry!  And it’s not like you’re totally curve-less!”

San Francisco wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t as amazing as I’d hoped.  Maybe everyone who knew me and knew San Francisco hyped it up too much by claiming how much I’d writhe in pleasure at the mere sight of this city.  Maybe the man-friend and I made bad choices of where to stay and what to do and were just too overcome by tourist traps (this remains my biggest theory).

To be fair, our time there was short so I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to see. I didn’t get the pleasure of wandering as much as I like to when visiting a town I’ve never been to.  San Francisco is actually smaller in area size than Seattle, so seeing all the neighborhoods in a couple of days isn’t totally unreasonable, but walking/transiting to them can get tiring and confusing to newbs like me.  Also, the man-friend likes to “relax” on vacations. I’m a go-go-go kind of girl, myself.  We had to find a medium which meant he toured a little more, but in exchange I had to chill out a little more.

San Francisco IS a beautiful city; whether you’re taking in the bay from palm tree-lined Embarcadero, walking past the colorful art blanketing the buildings in the Mission, gawking at the amazing architecture scattered all over the financial district or being dazzled by all there is to look at in Chinatown, your eyes are hardly ever unhappy.   I just didn’t see a TON of difference between it and Seattle while I was there.

I’m going to mark this trip as a fluke. Maybe next time, San Francisco, I’ll understand your charm.

Are you from San Francisco?  Have you ever been?  Do you love it or loathe it?  What should I have seen, or what should I see the next time I visit?  What is must-have, totally unique “San Francisco” experience?  Let me know!

IMG_20131101_161843 IMG_20131026_215248 IMG_20131030_162801 IMG_20131031_121900 IMG_20131101_162416 IMG_20131101_163004

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