Back in Session.

Study break.  I was cranky from reading AND because Lucy wouldn't look at the camera. :(

Study break. I was cranky from reading AND because Lucy wouldn’t look at the camera. 😦

Take ENGL 477 (Children’s literature) they said! It will be fun, they said!

Well whoever said that was full of sh*t.

…OK, OK. I said it. I thought it would be fun.  But I didn’t know  that Children’s Lit would require me to read 30 fairy tales in one week, followed by a 750 word paper. Then Tom Sawyer. 750 word paper. One week.  Little Women. 750 word paper. One week.  This doesn’t include the required “thoughtful discussion board posts” we’re supposed to make each week.

Just what I like: A professor that has no idea her students have other classes/jobs/lives.

Shoot me now.  Either way, you won’t be seeing me anytime soon.

(I’m still binge-watching Friday Night Lights though.  You know. Priorities.)

2 thoughts on “Back in Session.

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 30 fairytale stories!!!!! At first that sounds cool, but some fairytales are terrifying and horrible! I read a story to my brother, which he remembers to this day, about the wind (which was a man), and a chicken that was born with only half a body. Wind does some really messed up crap to that little chicken. I am pretty sure at the end the little guy dies. James and I were very disappointed we chose to read that story.

    Do you have to analyze the stories? That sounds fun, why were these stories once completely ok to read to a child (like the little mermaid who wanted so badly to become human that her tail was cut in half and for the rest of her life she felt like she was walking on broken glass), and now the stories have changed, they are softer… the moral is not the same.

    You can do it; just pretend you are writing the papers for your blog. As for discussion posts find someone you avidly disagree with and explain why (constructively) you do… that is always fun. Plus it gets you to see things you had never seen before.

    I decided to take a Global Health class as a “fun” elective to boost my GPA. This class is kicking my ass. We too have papers due once a week, along with tests. I have learned A LOT, but it has been a lot of work. I was hoping for an A+ (which I needed) now I am looking at an A-. Must not get A-  oh the choices we make. I would suggest the class if you want to learn a bunch and work your ass off.

    What are you studying in school?

    • We do analyze them to some extent. Most of the time the prof gives a few topics and possible meanings and you have to prove your meaning. It’s basic in nature, It’s just not my favorite writing about literature. I’d rather just enjoy it.

      My major is in communication. This is the first quarter since attending my school that I haven’t taken a communication course. I suppose it’s a good thing that’s my major because I seem to only have fun in COM classes.

      For an easy A (and having to re-do my language requirement…long story) I’m also taking Spanish. That’s at least making this Children’s Lit class much more bearable!

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