Please excuse this interruption in programming…

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Your treasure trove.


You dirty little whore, you. Just when I’ve managed to get a glimpse of life without being glued to you in bed, you manage to call me back for some new sensation that will envelop my thoughts and feelings for the next month. Or two. Or three. I always resist a new trick (show) up your sleeve as much as I can, knowing it will draw me away from everything else in life, but I end up powerless each time.  You demand my attention and I just give it all up to you.

I love to hate you; I hate that I love you.



This One B. Readers, followers and newcomers,

I know that I promised you more posting. I know that I wanted to post for myself; To make our relationship stronger, you know. But something has come up. I will do everything in my weak-willed power to try to blog in between my new addiction, er, commitment. I haven’t forgotten how important you or this is.

Love you all,



Dear Friday Night Lights,

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!  Why didn’t Netflix bring you into our relationship sooner??  You make me happy, you make me sad, you excite me, entice me. I’m enthralled. I may even be adopting an accent.  I’m so sad I didn’t experiment with you earlier but so glad that I get to now.

Clear eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.

Texas Forever.


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16 year old me wants Saracen. 25 year old me wants Riggins. Future me wants Coach Taylor.

3 thoughts on “Please excuse this interruption in programming…

    • The thing about it is, you’ll just scroll through a lot of titles you don’t *think* you care about until you finally give in and click one and then, you just get sucked in.

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