What’s up, B.uttercup?

This One B. Updates. Or news. Or boring stuff, depending on who you are.

…Remember back when I said I didn’t think I’d ever be a runner?  Well I’m not sure I officially said it on this blog but after my first 5k I was sure I would be over it.  Turns out, I’m not.  Turns out, I’m…Actually starting to like it…

Not to say that I’m a good runner yet, or that I can go very far, but I am starting to understand why people love to run.  At first, I kept running for three reasons: 1. It’s pretty much “free” to run.  No gym or equipment fees necessary. 2. It has aided weight loss for me. and 3. I was afraid if I stopped, I’d gain back the 15+ lbs I had lost in the last month and a half.  I still never thought for one second that I actually enjoyed running. Until last weekend.

The boy came up with me to my favorite trail (it’s more like a 30 mile cemented road for joggers and cyclists).  He doesn’t run (hell, he barely walks) so trying to get him to walk just two miles was a chore.  When we started walking I instantly felt like I wanted to run.  I felt so light on my feet. So energized. So…Good!  Wanting to run was like an itch I wanted to scratch!  Walking was so boring!  I tried walking backwards with him, side stepping with him, but I just… Wanted. To run.  Finally on our walk back to the car I asked if he’d mind if I ran and caught up with him there.  I never thought in a million years I’d be asking someone to run. He nudged, “Go!” and I bolted off.

Even as an athlete I never liked running so I’m counting this as a pretty big monument!


So the boy has been talking about us taking a trip to San Francisco this fall if his work/other travel schedule works with it.  I’ve been crossing my fingers ever since we’ve talked about this so cross your fingers for me, too! I’ve never been to San Francisco and I know I’ll love it and I know I’ll be so stoked if I actually get to go within the next couple of months.  I haven’t taken a legitimate vacation in over a year.  Don’t tell him I told you this, but if he can’t go, I might still go without him!  Or maybe LA again.  Gosh, it pays to have friends in cool cities….If only I could have a friend move to Chicago, I’d be the happiest girl!


You may know from my last post that I’m excited for fall.  One reason I forgot to mention?  I want my allergies to go away!  I’ve never had an allergy problem until this year, and it’s effecting the skin around my eyes!  I’m blaming the fact that Seattle basically had no winter last year, it was like one big long fall-into-spring which was AWESOME in the sense I didn’t have to deal with snow but HORRIBLE in the sense it didn’t kill all that allergy causing stuff making this summer was twice as bad as usual. Am I the only one?


Also. Am I the only person who didn’t watch the VMAs?  I refuse to give into Miley Cyrus hype.  Yet here I am, talking about her…Anyway. I’m just happy Macklemore got his fair share of VMAs. Seattle has never had such an artist represent us.  Macklemore is truly proud to be from here and takes care of us so well and I just love that about him.  Even if his songs are played way too much on every. single. radio station…

I put up that “Honest” Dating Profile I wrote a few weeks ago on an actual dating site.  With this photo:

The caption said something like “This is what I look like 80% of the time.  Hair up, no makeup, in work out clothes, and stuffing my face. While domo creeps in the background.”  I don’t think these guys think it’s as funny as I do though.  I think the fact my profile says “seeing someone” isn’t the only reason no one likes me….haha!


You’d think that after being in school as long as I have, I’d be over it, but nope!  Fall quarter starts in just a few weeks and I’m excited to go back.  I am not, however, excited about walking through UW campus in the dark.  It may be a beautiful campus (#4), and it may have a library that looks like it’s straight outta Hogwarts, but that place is scary as hell at night.  There are dark little gardens everywhere with huge bushes I always feel like some scary dude is going to pop out of.  *shivers*


Question:  How do you make new friends when you’re old?  My office is really small and full of older married people and my classes (because I go at night) aren’t really that much different.  I need a hobby.


That’s what’s up with me. What about you?

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