Once a Cheap-Ass, Always a Cheap-Ass (Part One)

A few years ago, I went out with a guy that I referred to all my friends as “old cheap guy” (aka OCG).  He really wasn’t that old, but I was low in my twenties and he was in his thirties.  Until that point, I hadn’t dated anyone with that large of an age gap.

Here is the story of OCG:

We met at Starbucks, and he asked if I wanted to get dinner sometime.  He asked me. He was somewhat attractive, kinda skinny for my taste, but I tell myself I could deal with getting to know him.  He seemed like a decent guy.

We meet at a sushi place not far from where I live. The conversation is not amazing, but it’s decent.  He tells me that his parents want him to replace his car because he’s never going to find a wife if he doesn’t.  My response was the age old, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but now looking back I’m sure his parents are very familiar with his cheapness and how it can hinder finding a girl.  They apparently started with the car.  At the time I am also living with my parents.  When I tell him, his response is “where do you take guys?!”  I think it’s inappropriate, but maybe I’m just being a prude?  Either way, it gives me a “he’s kind of a creep” feeling.

Then the bill comes.  I’m not one of those girls who expects the guy to always pay, but in this day-in-age I think the rule of “you ask them out, you pay”, is fair enough.  The bill sits there for a while so I start to feel uncomfortable.  I eventually tire of seeing it and grab it.  He makes no effort to take it from me, even says thank you as I do.  Uhhh…you’re welcome?  Before we leave I know I probably won’t see him again.  He doesn’t even get a hug.  (Which he calls me out on later.)

A few days later he again, asks if I want to get dinner.  I decline, and his response over his FREE iPOD texting service is “well, that saves me money :)”.  Cheap-o strike #2.  I’m definitely not going out with this guy again.

Despite that, we have a shared interest in tennis and I don’t have many friends who do so I decide to keep him as a “friend” who would be up to play. I’ve told him how I feel about him (which is basically only friends) but he still lingers over hanging out, getting a “hug” he thinks he’s owed, and saying a few skeezy comments (most of which, I’ve forgotten).

Cut to present day:

I’m searching for a new place to live (room to rent…because it’s expensive as hell to be single and trying to live in the Seattle area) and I’m scanning Craigslist.  I see a posting that looks promising.  The rent is decent, utilities are included, the house looks really nice and clean (which is a rare find) and I’d only have to share my bathroom with one other female who would likely be around my age.

So, I inquire about the room.  Lo and Behold, OCG is the owner of the house, and also lives in it.

At first, I think that’s a good thing.  I know him, he knows me, there is no mystery about who I’ll be moving in with.  I remember him being cheap but so far, nothing about that posting seemed cheap (even utilities were included) so I set up a time to meet him.  It’s been a few years, maybe he has changed?  Maybe he realized that he has a fairly decent engineering job at a prominent northwest aerospace company and does not need to be so cheap?

Nope. Once a cheap, always a cheap.

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