WILT Wednesday: My Newest Obsession

What I’m Listening to Wednesdays are a lot like the retired “Tunesdays”, except…on a Wednesday!

“Get Gone” – White Arrows

I mentioned yesterday in my show review of White Arrows/The Neighbourhood (but more like just White Arrows) that I really loved…White Arrows.  “Really love” in my world means obsessed.  Their newest album Dry Land is Not a Myth is playing when I get in my car, it’s loaded on my work computer, my phone, and laptop.  Needless to say, I haven’t been without it for the past few days (and when I’m in class, you can bet I’ve got a song of theirs stuck in my head).  So of course, when it came to WILT Wednesday there was no doubt who to post.  This is one of my favorite songs on the album because it just puts me in such a good mood.  You want to move with the song but you’re also totally ingesting all the lyrics.  [My take on] The lyrics themselves are a good indication of what most kids are going through in their early twenties; separating themselves from their parents, finding themselves, searching what they want to do or are meant to do, and what they have to go through to accomplish that.  To listen to more from White Arrows, just visit their page.  Get gone!

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