List O’ Faves: Love is All Around

List O’ Faves are…you guessed it:  My list of favorites on any given topic.  Get your iTunes out!

In the spirit of Valentines Day, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite love songs to melt even my own frozen black heart.  And don’t worry fellow bitter bunnies, there will be a List O’ Faves detailing my favorite “love is shit” songs eventually!  Happy Valentines Day little weirdos!  I really DO love you!

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10. “Valentine” – The Get Up Kids

STORY TIME!  I had to throw this one in.  It’s actually kind of a depressing song, but it has a lot of nostalgia around it.  The first time I had a boyfriend at Valentines Day I was just barely 14 years old (that’s right bitches, my birthday was Monday!) and my gift to him included a mixed CD.  We were both super emo and so naturally I had to cram a lot of emo songs on that CD.  Being Valentines Day, I had to put this song on that disc.  He got me a basket of (stuffed) puppies and chocolate and crossed out “From” and wrote “LOVE,”.  You can imagine with this type of gesture, I was left shocked when I got dumped a week later.  I would blame it on the bad CD but it was probably just because I wouldn’t kiss him. Hah!

9. “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” – Iron & Wine
Does ANYONE know what the fuck this song is saying?  No.  But it’s beautiful, nonetheless.  Just the melody and wistful vocals alone make you feel like you could get a little too PDA-ish in the park at sunset and make everyone else uncomfortable.

8.”Fields of Gold” – Sting
I couldn’t tell you why I find this song so sentimental and romantic, but I do. And if there are any Washingtonians reading who are familiar with the i-90 drive across the state, I ALWAYS
play this song when I get to the Barley fields. Hah!

7. “Just the Way You Are” – Billy Joel
One of the reasons I love Bridget Jones Diary besides the fact it adapts my all-time favorite love story, is this one quote:  “I like you very much…just as you are”.  Love often gets over-romanticized and we put people we love on a pedestal but the truth is, everyone has flaws. A girl can appreciate a man who takes her just as she is.  After all, that’s exactly what love is, isn’t it?

6. “Let’s Stay Together” – Al Green
Pure classic, here.  Al Green takes a song about new love, devotion, and all that good stuff, into a whole different level of sexiness.  Shall we dance in the living room?

3. “Want To” – Sugarland
I confessed to my friend last week that I hate how much I love country music.  The fact is, country music is what I grew up on (I descended from Wyoming ranchers, ok?) and country music always makes me feel sentimental like I’m in love. Anyway, this particular song reminds me of that hesitancy to jump into a relationship with someone you know very well and that feeling of trying to test the water without getting yourself too deep.  I have a story for this one, too.  But it’s just too damn long.

4. “Just Like Heaven” – The Cure
This song is probably in my top 10 all-time favorite songs, period.  This song totally captures that really fun and overexcited part of new love.  Eventually the song leads you down to a not-so-ideal ending, but you’re still dancing around with the tune in your head.

3. “Ordinary People” – John Legend
John Legend is the best at delivering a good, soulful, heartfelt love song.  “Ordinary People” takes you back to reality while still remaining insanely sweet and full of love.  Legend’s piano playing only adds to the beauty of this song!

2. “Someone Like You” – Van Morrison
Dear future husband, you are probably not reading this (and that’s a good thing).  Hopefully it means that you’re off being successful and handsome and such.  But whoever you are, you’re going to have to get used to this song.  It *will* be played at our wedding.  The end.

1. “Let You Down” – Dave Matthews Band
Did you really think I’d make a List O’ Faves and NOT include my imaginary hubby, Dave?  There are a lot of great love songs by DMB like “Crush” and “You and Me” among countless others.  But this song has always hit me right in the gut with the line “I’m a puppy for your love.”  I’m always amazed at how such a simple line could blow my mind so much.  This isn’t just my all-time favorite love song, it’s my all-time favorite song.

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