Muse Electrifies Seattle’s Life for a Night

Sometime after the new year rang in, I was hunting the internet for a birthday gift ideas for a friend when I came across an advertisement that Muse was coming on the first of February.  I have been a long-time fan of Muse and I knew she was a fan, too; I snatched up tickets to the best seats we could get (all floor tix were taken — boo!).

I have always heard that Muse shows are typically spectacular though I’ve never seen any myself.  Despite hearing that they put on great shows, I was still a little curious about how it would go.  If you’ve been following Muse for a while you’ll know that their music has changed drastically in the last 13 years; Hell, it even changes drastically within a single album!  I’m all for mixing up your musical style if it’s working for you but it starts to get tricky when you’re putting on a show.

The 2nd Law, Muse’s newest album, has stronger influences of electronica than normal and they’ve even incorporated the oh-so-popular dubstep.  There are some great tunes on this album but most of it is very different then say, my personal favorites,  “Hysteria” and “Unintended“.  “Unintended” is an acoustic number with soft but haunting vocals while “Hysteria” contains the sexiest driving bass line my ears have ever known paired with more aggressive and intimidating vocals.  “Panic Station“, the second single from The 2nd Law, is much more light with a sprinkling of funky, disco-esque horns and beat.  I dance to “Panic Station”, I go to sleep listening to “Unintended” and drive fast and angry to “Hysteria”. Knowing this, I was expecting very bi-polar and confusing concert at the Key Arena in Seattle last Friday night.

I was proven wrong — at least for the most part.  Muse stuck to their faster-paced songs but there were some changes in style that may have thrown off the newer or single-following fans.  Luckily during the songs that weren’t all dance or jump, there were some spectacular lights, screens and lasers (both trippy and thought-provoking) to keep the crowd entertained.  I left my camera at home and tried to limit taking my phone out, but I did end up recording the last two thirds of “Madness” (below) simply because the presentation was fantastic.

Despite the dizzying array of genres that Muse represents and presents, the most important thing to remember is that they can.  Why can they?  Because with everything they try, they do it amazingly well.  Possessing a Grammy along with many other awards and accolades, it is no doubt that Muse is talented .  Matthew Bellamy holds the very essence of what an artist should be with his guitar.  The most difficult sounding riffs slide seamlessly from his fingers to deliver that electrifying, pit-of-your-stomach fulfillment.  Witnessing this first-hand reminded me of why I needed to see this show.  Illuminated stage, glowing instruments, and video sunglasses aside, Muse needs to be celebrated and recognized for their work.  In return for that recognition, Muse will hand you an incredible concert.

my apologies for the quality of picture and sound, just thought I’d present an idea of what it was like!

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