Let’s be honest.  My posts have sucked. For a while.  I’m not happy with what I’m writing, which in turn makes me believe that you probably aren’t either.

I’m taking a class this quarter that is making me realize just how crappy my writing has gotten.  I never claimed to be a perfect writer but I have always thought I was somewhat decent at it.  Not lately.

I haven’t had to seriously write for anyone or anything in a very long while, so I appreciate that I’ve been forced to dust off my old talent and mold it into something better than before.  Also, the threat of your work being blasted in front of the class also helps out with that, too.

That being said, I’m also learning a thing or two about blogging.  We have to keep a blog for the class and post what is assigned, but eventually we’ll need a topic.  Those of you who know This One B., know that there is absolutely no topic to it at all.  Sometimes I talk about dating, sometimes about music, sometimes about food, pop culture, life experiences, tattoos, sports, coffee.  Whatever.  I need to set a focus.  Another great advantage to this class is that I’m getting so inspired reading the work of others that it provides me with ideas and makes me want to work harder; to “get on their level”, so to speak.

Pretty soon, This One B. will have a clear topic and focus.  I’m toying around with a few things but what the direction is won’t be revealed until later.  I hope all 70 of you stick through  the change and continue to enjoy or not enjoy (either way, tell me!).

Love you all  you little weirdos,


3 thoughts on “About-Face.

  1. Aww that was kind of sad, but i understand focus… I have yet to find a focus but I don’t really care. I come and go as I please. I don’t agree about your writing being shitty either because I wouldn’t have added you if it was (except for that one guy I added when I first came on here because I thought it was only polite to do so I have since deleted him). Whatever makes you happy about your blog, you should do 🙂

    • Aw thanks for the kind words! Yeah, I had a few of those “it’s-only-polite” ads and found myself being completely bored or sometimes annoyed.

      I say you keep coming and going as you please. I like it that way. 🙂

      • Yeah, the guy I added put up risky photos but almost all of them were taken by other people (hundreds in a day) and some of them looked like he took them without the women knowing. I couldn’t delete him fast enough!

        Haha, well it’s good we like eachother’s blog the way it is. 😉

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