The Problem With Dating #001

I walk in the door at 1:30AM from hanging out with a friend.  It’s dark, so I’m stumbling around trying to find a light switch.  I’m attempting entrance into doors that I forgot I shut before I left.  In my room, I’m finally able to feel a lamp and turn it on.  What I see when the light comes on disgusts me.  There are three different pairs of shoes sprawled along the floor (one pair, of which, I’ve already tripped over).  There are clothes all over the bed, pieces of jewelry in random nooks and crannies, and hangers in even more random locations about the room.   I turn on the light in my bathroom to see products, makeup, and some more random pieces of jewelery littered around the sink and the medicine cabinet is half-way open.  It looks as if someone ransacked my house while I was gone, but right now my only goal is figuring out which clothes are clean and which are dirty.  Why?  Because I was the one that tore apart my own closet just hours earlier.

I had a date earlier in the evening.  And this always happens.  I go through 1000 different outfit choices trying to figure out if one is “too much” or “too casual” or not “neutral enough”.  I swear, it’s like an interview.  You don’t really know what the rules are but you also know something small could screw it up.  Or you think it could.  You actually don’t know.  The only way you’d really know is if you asked them, and no one asks an interviewer or date what would be the best outfit because that would only ruin the quest of said interview/date.  The goal is basically to “win” without getting a detailed like/dislike checklist beforehand.  Being yourself, yes?

I’m not sure if all girls are like this or it’s just me — but sometimes I spend way too much time obsessing over what I’m going to wear before going on a date.  The real question is…is it worth it?

Back to likening dating to an interview, I had a similar situation a few weeks ago.  I had a job interview and for reasons other than my outfit (but don’t be fooled, there was plenty of time obsessing over that) I was driving myself absolutely nutty over it.  In the end?  I didn’t get the job.  I spent all the time trying to put my best face forward to not get the job.  Little did I know, they were also interviewing internal candidates.  Had I known that, I would have said “forget it” and saved myself the trouble.

So for us girls, that’s what it boils down to, right?  Will all this time we spend putting our best self forward pay off?  Will it be all for nothing? Sometimes you put in all the effort and don’t end up liking them, while they like you.  Sometimes you put up the effort and they’re not that into you.

Do you ever come home to your torn apart closet at the end of a night and think “Well, this mess was pointless.”?

Either way, I just left everything I did end up wearing on the floor and shoved all my earlier contenders off the bed before crawling in.  It’s yet to be determined if this mess was worth it, but I’m not holding my breath.

Nighty night, weirdos.


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