I’m Still Here.

First, let me apologize to those who had any intention to tune in for my drawing challenge.  I’ve canned it for now.  Life has been a tad crazy and my time has been extremely limited to even participate in doing classwork let alone write silly blog posts.  I do want to share with you a few reasons why I have been absent. 

I got accepted!Here’s the thing:  I’m old.  At least, old for a college student, but for the past six years I’ve been working full-time and either finding it hard to afford school, or have time for school without losing my job and so forth.  In between all of this, I also went from one extreme to the other by switching from an architecture major to a communications major.  Anyway, it’s been a long time just to complete my Associates Degree (which will be completed in approximately three weeks).  That being said, I’ve been accepted into the University of Washington for the Winter 2013 quarter and I’m so stoked just to be moving on and closer to FINALLY completing my degree.  Right now I’m stressing about paying for it/loans/my work schedule, etc.  But I know it will all work out. 

During one of our traditions. We stood out in the pouring rain for two hours to watch the Macy’s Holiday Parade downtown on Black Friday!

My Bestie’s Back! And you’re gonna be in trouble, hey now…hey now…my bestie’s back! *ahem*. So yes, I’ve obviously been spending as much time as possible with her as I can.  We’ve had a ton we’ve wanted to do and have been talking about doing since before she got here so right now most of my free time has been spent with her. 

It’s the holidays, duh.  Thanksgiving is never a huge stressor, but the minute it’s over it’s like a mad dash to get through the Christmas season.  Luckily this Christmas will be more about spending time with people I love than gift-giving and receiving.  My sister and I agreed to not give each other gifts but do something for each other instead (I told her I’d make her some sushi).  My friends and I for the most part have agreed to not give each other gifts but have a Christmas night instead where we make cookies and watch our favorite Christmas movies. We’ve even decided to do a secret santa at work instead of buying gifts for each person.  I feel like taking the stress of gift buying out of the equation allows us (or at least me) to enjoy the season more instead of being stressed out in mall parking lots and stores.  No thank you!  Anyway — I’ve gotten pretty much all the shopping done that I need to and it’s not even December yet!  Can you say “score!”?

Anyhow, I’m not promising a ton of posts in the near future but I will try.  With the last few weeks of the quarter coming up I have a feeling I will have less and less time. 


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