Weekly Roundup: Obama Cries, WA Rocks, and Secrets of Pinterest

This week, Obama got in touch with his emotional side at a visit to his Chicago campaign office.  During his speech to the young group, he spoke about they’re are going to do greater things than him (I know you are snickering to yourself right now,

I love this man!

‘Bama-haters.)  I happen to think it was really sweet.  Even if it was for show, at least Obama thinks of us enough to give us a little drama.  But then again, I think Obama loves drama because my inbox months, and more intensely, weeks before the election were filled with the most terrifying messages ever.  I mean, really.  He gave me anxiety attacks.  I really started to think he wasn’t going to get re-elected.  GOD, OBAMA…why did you scare me like that?!  I mean, I know you only ask money from real people (no, Romney…corporations aren’t people, remember!) but how the EF do you think poor people (since that’s all who votes for you, right?) are going to get you up to Romney’s 57 million dollar mark for the month of October?  I mean, seriously. 57 fuckin’ million dollars?! But on the other hand, poor Romney.  Could you imagine how it would feel putting THAT much money into something and then losing?  It just reinforces the fact that these politicians need to put their money towards better things.  But let’s be real, that will probably never happen.

With election night also came a big win for Washingtonians in more way than one.  Starting December 6, gay marriage will be legal and we can have an ounce of marijuana on us.  We still can’t “buy, sell, grow or smoke” it for another year, but maybe all the gays that get married will pass some out as wedding favors so everyone can legally light up on their gay best friends’ first year anniversary. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Seattle! The emerald city just got a lot more green and gay! But in this sense, I mean gay like happy — because we’re all high and attending gay (homosexual) weddings. What reason is there not to be happy about that?!  The only bummer is for perpetually single straight girls.  We’ll have to attend twice as many weddings which means twice as much depression for each wedding that passes and we still don’t have a boyfriend. Sad face!

So since same-sex marriage passed, lgbt-ers all over the northwest can PLAN weddings like the rest of us.  And to NOT be one of those girls (or guys) that plans a wedding (or baby!) on Pinterest when they’re not even so much as dating someone, they can do it in secret now! The great thing is, now Pinterest has introduced “Secret” boards, that no one else can see.  Which is awesome, because I’m tired of not having a place to pin MY wedding ideas, to a man I’ve never met.  At least we can keep the crazy to ourselves now, right?

So basically all of these things mean I had an awesome week.  What about you??

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