Facebook Ruins My Life.

Last night I went to see a movie with H, and was telling her about a possible match for her that S and I were talking about earlier in the day (btw, I’m starting to call my friends by their initials.  I don’t care if it’s ‘high school’, I have to keep some privacy around here!).  She wanted to know what he looked like but I couldn’t Facebook stalk him for her because I deactivated my Facebook account in the beginning of September.

Why?  Because Facebook ruins my life, that’s why (and birthdays).  I’d much rather be blissful in ignorance than be one of those people who spends way too much time caring about what other people are doing, saying, eating, drinking, or that that they changed their facebook picture from the REALLY good one you took of them on a REALLY good day (Asshole).   It’d be awesome if I was one of those people who didn’t care and just did my own thing but I’m sorry. I’m not. And facebook only makes that part worse.  I’d rather die than be jealous. DIE.

Either way, she convinced me to sign back into facebook to find him, so she could see what he looked like.  I grudgingly obliged, and said I’d deactivate it the minute I got home that night.

Well, I forgot.  I woke up this morning to notifications.  So what happens?  I check my notifications, tell everyone that I’ll be deactivating soon but somehow still manage to get sucked into the stupid feed and what people are saying and doing and eating or what pictures they’ve changed (asshole).  I see the people on my facebook who are conservatives, still butt-hurt about the fact that Washington voted all democrat (come ON. If you live here and have BEEN living here…how is this even a surprise?!) and talking about how “uneducated and uninformed” the voters must be because they chose a certain candidate.  Cue blood-pressure rise.

This is a perfect time to show you this little picture. It’s cute. Sooo, cute.

So facebook managed to make me feel sick, jealous, and angry within a matter of minutes.  I mean MINUTES.  Four minutes tops.  God, I fucking hate Facebook.  It makes me hate my friends for goodness sakes!

I’ve already promised myself I’d do a few things before I signed back on, and I plan on honoring that.  No, I don’t plan on telling you.  But if and when I come back.  I’m cleaning house.

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