With glasses of wine in hand and eyes on the TV, five women gathered in the living room of a typical Seattle craftsman bungalow home and waited for the results of the election to come in. Nerves — in the form of jittery and uneasy behavior, laughter, occasional outbursts, and sometimes silence — in someway or another made it’s way across the room while they anticipated the news.  Each of them carrying a common hope to see the man they all voted for in 2008 be re-elected.

Hours into the coverage a flash appeared on the screen:  President Barack Obama – Elected President of the United States.

Anxiety and uncertainty that once filled the air was replaced with elation and excitement as they jumped to their feet, screaming, laughing, and finally — breathing.

Champagne bottles popped and a toast was made:  To President Barack Obama!

I was so happy to be one of those five in the room.  I was happy to walk down to the bar and continue the celebration among many other Obama supporters, woo-ing, hooting, hollering and cheering him on as we watched his opponent concede and listened to his second victory speech.  I was happy to skip down the streets and shout out in support with close friends and even honking cars with drivers expressing victory out their windows.  It was a good night.

I am happy and proud to have Obama as my president for four more years, and because of that pride I am wasting no time in writing this — hours after my usual bedtime, and hours before I must wake up.

Here’s to four more years with a man who has always been real and honest about the challenges we face and what we need to do: Let’s go, President Obama!

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