A Tease, a Wedding, and Anxiety.

Last week was insane at work.  My desk was at a constant pile (and still kind of is, I’m dreading going to work tomorrow) and the requests/emails/calls wouldn’t stop coming my direction.  In one sense, it let the week go by really fast.  That is of course, if I WANTED the week to go fast, which I didn’t.

Reason One:  I am moving this weekend (first weekend in November) and I am nowhere near packing all my stuff up.  My room right now is just an explosion of clothes and shoes all over the floor that I haven’t decided what I’m doing with yet.  I thought I got rid of a bunch of my clothes, but apparently that was all a lie because it seems like there’s still a sh*t ton. I could have used more time to at least get started on that.

Reason Two:  My applications for UW are due on Wednesday.  Luckily this time I’ve taken care of all the things that need to be sent, but I have NOT finished my application or more specifically, my personal statement.  I’m so paranoid about how it is, and I’ve sent it to a ton of people but either I haven’t heard back from them, or I haven’t been given much in return.  i.e. “you’re comma happy”.  Well, duh.  Anyone who reads this blog can tell you that.  I have a problem with sentences that are too short.  They make me feel like I’m reading “See Spot Run” even when they’re perfectly normal sentences.  Anyway. I have now 2 days to submit that and I’m freaking out a little.  Wishing I had more time last week.

Amidst my crazy busy day on Friday, I had a bit of an anxiety attack realizing I had so much to do and so little time.  Why didn’t I take care of it this weekend, you ask?  Well, there was a wedding yesterday.

Ceremony Atop the Cat!

This was the wedding I asked Rejector (that’s my new name for him on this blog) to and though I was only there for a few hours, it was an all day event.  The bride and groom decided to have their wedding at the place that they met (and spend about 80-90% of their year at) which is Stevens Pass Ski Resort. Stevens Pass also happens to be about an hour and a half away from home.  All week it had been snowing up there (unseasonably early) so before we left I had to make sure my squeaky brakes were changed and my tires rotated.  The snow actually wasn’t bad, (It didn’t start snowing until we were a mile to the ski resort) but I have low profile tires that don’t usually fair well in snowy or icy conditions.  The wedding was so cute and very reflective of the couple and their likes/tastes.  Right down to conducting the ceremony on the snow cat. The wedding was fun and my friend joined me, but every once in a while I’d get a little pang of sadness that Rejector didn’t join me (despite his constant hating on weddings all week).  Speaking of him…

I’m starting to get really confused.  I call him Rejector for obvious reasons, but I’d assume that since I showed a hint of interest that he’d dial back the way he acts.  Nope.  In fact, I feel like he’s gone even more forward.  I saw him every day this week when I normally see him only once, maybe twice a week.  I got tons of emails from him, more texts than usual, he continued to flirt (enough that people around me were noticing and remarking) and stick around I found me to chat for much longer than we should.  We’ve started exchanging movies/music (which by the way — it doesn’t help that I’m learning more and more that his music taste is beyond amazing.  It’s basically just my music taste but trust me, that’s been hard to find in a guy thus far…).  So, I’m thinking he’s either a really big tease or just really dense.  I thought that I’d get over it once I stuck out my neck but his constant involvement is making that hard.  I mean, do guys do that?  Do they flirt just for fun?  To me, I only flirt when there’s a little interest because I’ve dealt with the repercussions of doing it just for fun.  And even though I’ve done it in the past, I never think of guys doing that.  But if that’s what is going on then I guess it’s karma for all the years I did it. And if that’s the case maybe I should stop being so receptive to it.

Oh, and I never went on that date I was supposed to go on last weekend.  And finally let the guy I went out with for a second time know that I wasn’t feelin’ it.

So there it is.  My week.  And of course I would be spending time blogging about how I have no time.  I should start packing…


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