Idiot Rodeo: Angelina and Gay Marriage

My friend sent this Buzzfeed page over to me, featuring a video debate between Adam Barta and Angelina Pivarnick, former Jersey Shore Roommate (who was as equally as annoying on that show).

Angelina decides to say that “a lot” of people get married to their “other gay partner” and then decide they don’t want to be gay.  “Society made [them] turn gay.”

Excuse me?  Where the hell does she get her information?  Society making people gay?  Listen up, Ang, I’m pretty sure that more often than not society and culture pushes gay people to act straight and live “straight” lives where they are miserable.  Why on earth would anyone “choose” to be ridiculed, bullied, and stripped of rights? Why would anyone choose to argue with you (an idiot) about this topic?

My thoughts were echoed when Adam decides that Angelina’s reasoning was “The most stupid thing”.

I also really hope most of America watching this is smart enough not to consider anything Angelina is saying as sound reasoning.  “I honestly think, that like, I’m really catholic, so like, I’m sorry, that like, God is like, God is my God.”

Angelina then decides the attention belongs to her, instead.  Going into major “TMI” when she starts talking about who she has kissed, who she wants/doesn’t want to perform oral sex on her and why she doesn’t want to marry a woman.  I’m sorry, Angelina, but how did you turn a very serious subject about human rights about you and your own straightness (which you’re free to be, btw)?  Letting gay people marry does not mean anyone is forcing you!  But I will say good luck finding a husband, because I can’t imagine any guy with half your brain would think about marrying someone with “like” being the top word in their vocabulary.

Adam also brings up a very interesting point when Angelina says that like, gay marriage, divorce is not allowed according to God (or the European oldies who wrote “the Word”).

Yeah, Angelina, why AREN’T you going out trying to stop all the divorces in the country?  The reason we don’t stop divorces goes hand in hand why we should let gays have marriage equality:  Because no one deserves to be unhappy, miserable, and stuck in something they don’t want to be in (whether that’s in the closet or in a marriage).

I’m also pretty sure that two, well-adjusted gay people can raise amazing kids (who are probably going to be more open minded and accepting) better than someone like you who gets through life with unapologetic bigotry.

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