With the 2012 election less than a month away, there’s no shortage of posters, signs, commercials, internet ads, newspaper ads, news spots, t-shirts and bumper stickers touting the name of individuals that are vying for their spots in whatever office they’re going for.  This also includes the United States President.

Before I get into this post I want to remind everyone how critically important it is to vote.  I’ve always stood behind the fact that if you do not vote, you have no moral right to complain.  When you’re part of a democracy, one of the greatest advantages of that is being able to have a voice that is heard, so please please please, exercise that right as much as possible.  VOTE OR DIE.

Anyone who knows me just a little bit, probably knows that I’m pretty liberal.  It started when I took a stance on a few things that I could not personally compromise.  Once our nation grows up a little more, where I lean might change.  Personally, I think sticking to one side because that’s how you’ve always been is great when it comes to sports teams or your latte, but dangerous when it comes to politics.  In fact, when you get down to it, it is very rare that a whole half of a nation (or so) will all have the exact same opinion on every single political issue.  Also a reminder when you’re voting to make sure to actually READ UP on candidates.  And for the love of God, stay away from MSNBC and FoxNews when you do.  The loyalty shouldn’t lie in a party, but in your country and making the right decision for it.

Okay, I keep getting sidetracked.  What I’m trying to say is that, yes, I voted Obama for in ’08.  I support what he’s doing, and I support his honesty about not being done (anyone who says we’re in bad of shape as we were in ’08 is really just not paying attention).  What’s that saying? Rome wasn’t built in a day?

Anyway, he again has my full support in 2012.  Supporting him, I of course don’t like seeing negative or put-down ads and stickers but I usually just ignore it.

However, last week I saw a sticker that filled me with so much hate and rage that I wanted to tell off the driver of the vehicle displaying it.  I mean, I wanted to physically harm this person.  And it wasn’t because that it was anti-Obama and I’m supporting him, it was something completely different.  Which is where my problem lies.

Maybe I’ve been in a hole not hearing or seeing these, but the sticker just simply read, “Don’t Re-N*g in 2012.”

What…the…fuck. My jaw immediately dropped.  First — it might be one thing to see or hear that somewhere NOT in Western Washington, but definitely not here.  I am usually pretty proud of the fact that the people here are generally open minded, accepting and just not bigoted.  Second — Even if it was anywhere else in the country, it’s still highly offensive and repulsive to see it displayed.  What year is this?  Third – What the FUCK does that have to do with politics, Obama’s policies, or ideas. Why the FUCK would race even NEED to be brought up.  Is that all you have?  That’s your ammo?  To dumb it down to something like race?

Seeing things like this just make me disgusted with society.  It makes me lose faith in us.  We’ve come SO far to be reduced to the sticker of a racist and ignorant prick.

So the last thing I’ll say before getting off my soap box is not only vote, but vote smart.  Do not be one of the people who embarrasses us by making a choice based on anything other than than the political issues at hand.  Do not be one of the people that years down the road, people will make movies about that kids of a new generation watch in disgust.  Just don’t.

That’s it, loves.



P.S. There is only one issue I will push on people and that is here in Washington state.  So if you’re in Washington state and reading this – APPROVE R-74!! There’s no reason not to.  Like, literally.  There is no valid reason to not let everyone be happy.  No one is taking away YOUR religious freedom by giving freedom to others.  Please please please vote for this and approve it.  Please. I’ll probably be wearing my t-shirt as much as possible in the coming weeks.  That is all.

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