Small World, Bro.

As I mentioned in my post on Friday, I had planned on going on a date whom I started chatting with over OKC.  We ended up going out together on Sunday, but not without a few interesting weekend events taking place beforehand.

So after I wrote my blog post on Friday, I went to go hang out with my friend.  We felt like having more than a few drinks, so we went to a bar in walking distance of her place so that we wouldn’t have to worry about driving.

As usual, we settled in and started unfolding the girl talk when I told her about my prospective date the following day.  Of course, as most girlfriends would do, she asked all about him and even took a look at his profile (she’s also on OKC).  While we were talking about him, I got a text.

“My friend has drunk a half gallon of pre-mixed margarita.  It is quite entertaining.  Now we are hitting a shitty karaoke bar in Greenwood.”

the bar he was at just happened to be about two blocks from where my friend and I were having drinks.  When I told him we were close, he said we should come out and meet them.  I read the text aloud to my friend.  My friend, being four shots in, was so down to meet dude and his drunk friend.  She begged and begged for us to go down and meet them but at first, I wasn’t into it.  I didn’t really feel like meeting some dude for the first time when everybody was hammered.  Plus, I had insecurities to face like What if we meet up and he hates me and then cancels tomorrow? That would feel really shitty.

Between dude and my friend (and his drunk friend, who left me an extensive but funny drunk voicemail), I was getting pressure to go out and meet him and said drunk friend. I ultimately gave into the idea after Heather had downed another double, the rest of my beer and another gross mixed concoction we made when we returned back to her house.  My friend’s roommate showed up right in time, and joined/drove us to meet these two dudes.

First off, the bar they were at was SCARY, but I spotted dude and his friend almost immediately.  The whole situation, like I told my friend and her roommate it would be, was SO AWKWARD. I was totally not into and wanted to leave right away, using Heather’s drunk munchies as an excuse.  Dude’s wasted friend, while wasted, was still hi-fucking-larious. But still.  So awkward.  Dude seemed nice but wasn’t talking much, just sitting and smiling.  Is it because he’s had a few?  What’s he thinking?

When we said goodbyes and nice to meet yous, I almost immediately started scolding my drunk friend and her roommate about how I can’t believe they made me do it.  Everyone agreed, it was totally awkward.

I’m not going to lie, it did make me feel differently about meeting him the next night.  The meeting in the seedy bar made me feel less inclined, and his personality seemed much different in person than over messages/text.  Later, after we (the girls) had grabbed burgers and sat talking in the living room, I got another text from him.

“Hey! It was great meeting you tonight, Brittany.  I am now looking forward to getting together with you tomorrow even more.  I think you are really cute as a brunette. ;)”

Well, I ended up getting sick Friday night/Saturday morning and canceling, BUT I did reschedule with him to Sunday night.  Even with the slightly bad taste in my mouth (and his facial hair.  I’m just not a facial hair girl!), I thought I should give him another shot.

So, we went out last night and things were just middle of the road.  He seemed bored with me at times and I often felt forced to carry the conversation.  There were peaks in conversation that I felt like “oh, ok…this is working” and then lulls where I felt totally awkward.  I’m not sure if he was just nervous or he’s not very inquisitive or what.  I couldn’t figure it out.

Needless to say I was a little shocked when he said we should do this again, and has continued to text me.  I guess I’m at a standstill between figuring out if I should give it one more shot or if I should just move on.

What do you think?

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