Tunesday, September 11, 2012: 2nd Edition

I wanted to do two editions of Tunesday this week because the first edition was more reflective of my mood. It’s funny I used Dave in the first edition, because his Album, Away from the World actually dropped today.  I heard both of the following songs at his show and I loved them. I hope everyone does, too.  I like having hard copies of Dave’s albums and haven’t quite picked it up (I’ve been majorly sick both today and yesterday) but it looks promising from the sneak peeks.  Enjoy

Sweet by Dave Matthews

This song sounds just like the title. Sweet. “You know the feeling when you’re in too deep, and then you make it out, it tastes so sweet. Sweet. Sweet.”

Mercy by Dave Matthews Band

Maybe it’s just me, but Dave and his band can produce some powerful songs. They make me feel like I can do anything sometimes. “Love is not a whisper or a weakness…” is one of those simple-but-colossal lyrics I love from Dave.

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