Once in a Blue Moon…

Anyone who remotely knows me, if asked the question who my favorite artist is, would instantly know the answer:  Dave Matthews.

Dave has provided a soundtrack to my life in many ways — who was just getting into the beginning of success when I was beginning grade school.  Though I enjoyed Dave’s music, and have memories of my sister blasting DMB CDs in her ’88 brown Jetta (hard braking to every pause of “I do, my best, for you, I do, yeeeah” of “Rapunzel”, practically giving me whiplash), it wasn’t until high school that I came to really, truly appreciate DMB.  The way that one song could lift me up and put me in an amazing mood, or how the subtle brilliance of soft spoken lyrics made me literally fall in love — it all moved me so much more than it had before.  I know this may sound incredibly corny, especially coming from me, but this is why Dave Matthews is so important to me.

For 1,001 and reasons, I have never been able to see Dave’s show despite my admiration for him and the fact he comes here every summer.  But literally, once in a blue moon, I got to.

Mid-afternoon on Friday, my friend John and I hopped in the car and headed for i-90 to take us to the Gorge, about 2.5-3 hours away from home.

I have also never seen a show at the Gorge.  The suspense killed me when we exited the freeway, driving along a road that seemed to take forever.  When we finally got to the venue, the suspense still lingered from not being able to see a single thing.  After a long drive-in to park, and a sizable walk through two gates, we finally began to walk up a small hill.  At the peak, I could see people standing, stopping and taking photos.  Coming over that crest was one of the best reveals, ever.  The Gorge has to be one of the most beautiful music venues in the country, and I’m sad that I hadn’t seen it sooner.

We laid out our blanket on the lawn and settled into our spot, laying down to soak up the sun before the “Blue Moon”  came up and Dave came out.  It was almost a little emotional for me to finally see my fave in front of me (granted, he was very far away in front of me, but I’m *not* complaining).  The show was amazing, the people were amazing, the experience was amazing, and I’m so glad I finally got to be a part of it.  I’m also so glad I got to be there to hear Dave’s jokes about the moon.

“That’s where cheeeeeese comes from…Cheese is goood…BLUE cheeeese!”

I unfortunately forgot my camera, so all I have are these phone photos, which honestly, don’t capture half the beauty of the venue/awesomeness of the stage.

At the crest above the amphitheater

View from our spot!

Sunset, before DMB took stage.

Dave. 🙂

The Band!

After finally experiencing this, there is no way this will be my last year.  Now I’m going to sit here and cross my fingers that Dave and guitarist Tim Reynolds play a show in Seattle solo.  Bucket list item, checked!







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