It’s Not Us, It’s You.

I’m not one to usually talk about work in-depth here.  With how everything works these days, I’m always ultra-paranoid about what I write to be seen by coworkers, bosses, and prospective employers alike. I have always been extremely uncensored with peers and close friends but have been tight-lipped in every other aspect of my life.  Maybe someone might find my blog and think I have a bad attitude, maybe someone will think I’m f*cking hilarious (or at least mildly amusing).  I vote the latter.  Point is, I’m beginning to care less about that these days.  Time will only tell if that bites me in the ass.

To sum it up, I will just say that I’m not happy at my job.  Where I spend my day for 8 hours Monday through Friday is by no means somewhere that I plan to stay forever (and everyone in my office knows this), but sometimes I get so fed up that I want to walk out the door and never return right then and there.  I once heard somewhere that if you hate your job for more than three days in a row, you need to find a new one.  I’m also a believer in that if you something is making you unhappy, you need to change it no matter what.

So, I went on a week-long resume-sending spree.  I sent out a lot of resumes and completed long applications.  Is it just me, or are applications for bigger companies just a re-telling of your resume?  I want to say, hey — if you want me to break it down really shortly – I will.  But pouring all this time over my resume to make it perfect and then having to re-write it in an application so that you can not even pay attention to what I’ve gone over with a fine-toothed comb seems pointless to me.  Aren’t we wasting each other’s time doing that?

Anyway, of all the resumes I sent in that week-long period I only got two call backs – from staffing agencies – who deceived me by posting Craigslist ads looking like the actual employers themselves.  Ugh.  Despite typically avoiding those types of places like the plague I decided to give one a shot this time.  It was for a temp-to-hire position which seemed promising.  It was a step-up from what I’m doing (yes, I love a good challenge), closer to home, and better pay.  I took the time from work and interviewed with the staffing agency, and then took time from work to do an intense phone interview with the assistant of my what-might-be “boss’s, boss’s boss”.  It’s now been a week and I haven’t heard anything.  Not from the staffing group or the person who did the phone interview.  I thought it was probably one of the best interviews I had done, let alone a phone interview, and her feedback seemed pretty promising.

I’ve been sitting here wracking my brain of why I may not have heard anything yet like one of those sad girls waiting for a call back from a guy to get a second date.  Maybe they’re just busy?  Maybe they haven’t finished the first round of phone interviewing yet? Oh God, Maybe they found my blog?  Or my twitter?  I’m always so crass (this is why I’m ultra-paranoid!) Maybe, maybe, maybe.  In the back of my head I feel it nagging – what is probably the truth.  They’re just not into you. You don’t have what they need.

All of this just confirms the fact that job hunting and even employment is just like dating and relationships.  You spend way too much time picking out an outfit to meet with someone (company) you’re interested in, you take the time to sit down, talk and feel each other out, and then eventually you’re either entering a relationship (employment) with them or they’re moving on (not hired).  You might have to go on a lot of dates (interviews) before you find the right fit or you get chosen (employed).  And once you do reach that point, both parties are generally excited, or at least hoping you don’t f*ck everything up while you wonder what you’re going to get out of the deal.

One time I got laid off from a job I didn’t really like and that was like a break-up too.  One of those break-up situations where you want to do it, but then they beat you to it. You just want to yell “No! How DARE you break-up (fire) with me!  I’M supposed to dump (quit) YOU.”

Job-hunting and dating are so much alike it’s no wonder I get bitter and hate it so much.  And I’m guessing marching up to their door, getting emotional and telling them why I am SO GOOD for them while I punch the air isn’t appropriate for a potential employer?  Yeah, didn’t work out so well in the dating realm, either. (;P)

The only advantage to job hunting is that you might get better luck if you don’t look so hot.  Employers typically aren’t as shallow as those bastards hanging out in Bellevue.

Wish me luck as I continue my search! (For a job, I’m actually doing OK in the other department for once).



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