A Few of B.’s Favorite Things!

So, it’s been a good long while since I’ve done a Foodie Friday post.  Mainly this is because my diet has been changing and moving while I try different things so I’d rather wait until I found a steady place to keep things a little more uniform.  Recently, my diet has consisted of this weird hybrid of Paleo and Forks over Knives.  The two don’t really go hand in hand (seeing as Forks over Knives bans all animal products) but I like the core values there: ease up on the grains (or no grains period for paleo) and stay away from processed foods and refined sugars.

The problem with needing to stay away from refined sugars is that, I LOVE SUGAR! Seriously, I’m a sweets fiend.  Candy (especially the gummy, Haribo branded kind) is my weakness, and sometimes I’ll go on soy mocha binges. Not good!

Starting a few days before August I decided that I would do a 30-Day Challenge of eliminating all grains and refined sugars from my diet.  This has had me going completely crazy until a friend pointed me in the direction to a new favorite thing.

Larabars are the best thing since sliced bread, ever. I could probably be a spokesperson about them since I’m so astonished to find a delicious product that has all real ingredients, no refined sugar, vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, etc.  Most of the time, the bars only contain about five ingredients.  All things you’ve heard of and have probably eaten on your own before.  They’re the perfect thing to curb my sweet tooth without downing a bag of refined white sugar to myself. (Just kidding, I’m not that bad!).  I know I’m not the first to this wonderful treat, and in fact I’m probably one of the last on the bandwagon, but better late than never, right?

Another thing I’m late on the bandwagon with is Kombucha.  To be honest, I’m not sure if cutting refined sugars and grains out or Kombucha has something to do with my clear mind these days.  Usually in the afternoon at work my brain feels clouded and I have no more energy but since I’ve been drinking kombucha regularly that hasn’t been the case.  It could be a case of cutting out the refined sugars too.  I happened upon Kombucha Wonder Drink, Sparkling Fermented Tea that is less expensive than Kombucha but manages to get the job done. Bonus is, I’ve replaced it with my morning latte and I don’t get caffeine headaches and I don’t feel tired!  It’s great!

They come in the original flavor, Asian Pear & Ginger (my fav!) and Green Tea and Lemon.  Here in the Seattle area you can find both of these at a lot of grocery stores, but if not, Whole Foods more than likely will have these items in stock.

During my last trip to PCC, I also picked up a bag of coconut flour — something I hadn’t known existed before researching Paleo diets.  I plan on using that up, which may result in a come back for Foodie Friday!

Have an excellent weekend, folks.  I know I’m going to be having a blast in this beautiful weather we’re having here!



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