The Dark Knight Rises: In and Out of Consciousness.

So, Warner Brothers isn’t releasing the weekend box office round-up of the Dark Knight Rises out of respect of the tragic event that took place at that midnight showing in Aurora, CO. (I applaud them for this, by the way.)  I won’t recount the details because (unless you’re living under a rock) you’ve probably already been bombarded with as many details as every news channel can give you, and the f*ckface behind it (not saying his name on purpose) deserves no more attention than he’s been given.

While they aren’t releasing the numbers, I’m sure it’s in at least the mid millions.  This movie was eagerly awaited by many – including myself.  So at around 11:50pm on Friday night, seven of us nestled ourselves into our theater seats to prepare for the movie.  I quickly chugged a Double Shot in a can so that I could stay awake — but I think the steak-and-potatoes-plus-wine dinner was winning against the double shot.  Before the movie even started I could feel my eyes wanting to shut.

Collectively, I’m sure I watched 2 hrs and 20 minutes of footage, maybe more.  But a movie lasting 2 hours and 45 minutes, with very dark cinematography starting after midnight on a Friday is GOING to make me a little sleepy.  I mean, I love me some Batman, but verging on 3 hours for a movie is a very long time.

Complaints about length and snoozing aside, it was everything I wanted it to be.  When I first heard Anne Hathaway was cast as Catwoman I almost barfed in my mouth.  She’s always so squeaky! Well, except for that role in Love and Other Drugs, but that was just a weird movie. Either way, she pulled it off, and my disdain for her as an actress even began to fade by the end of the movie.  I might actually like her now. Emphasis on might.

Among all the talented actors that appeared in this movie, the one who stole the show for me was Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character.  I mean, wow. We all first got introduced to him as the cute poor kid in Angels in the Outfield, then again as the dorky guy in 10 Things I Hate About You (with the late Heath Ledger who, as we all know, participated greatly in the last Dark Knight film).  As he got older, he was still portrayed as a guy on the outside, a little less mainstream, a little dweeby maybe. I mean, he at least was not a poster child for the next Brawny man.  And I didn’t think I could see JG-L play brawny until this movie.  He was amazing as the tough, crime-wrecked Gotham City cop while still showing steaks of his softer side.  I think I have a new favorite.

SPOILER ALERT: For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, close your eyes…or just “Like” this and stop reading (wink!).  But the movie ended in a manner that could call for another movie in the future (and I hope to God it does).  The problem is, if Chris Nolan says this is his last — who would do it, and do it well?  Would the same actors still agree to participate?  I need answers! I need more Batman! I NEED ROBIN! (Though let’s hope whoever takes over makes his costume a little less hideous than in the comic book/previous movie versions).

Long story short — go see it.  And don’t be afraid because of one lunatic in some town you’ve never heard of, either.  Even if you fall asleep through a couple parts like I did.  You’ll still love it, and you’ll be fine.  I promise!

One thought on “The Dark Knight Rises: In and Out of Consciousness.

  1. It was a fantastic movie. Very well spoken and agreed about the tragedy too. I knew that I would never make it through a 2 hour 45 minute movie after the couple of weeks of work that I’ve had, so I ended up going to bed at a reasonable time on Thursday night, and without checking Facebook, I went to go see the show at 9:30 in the morning on Friday. It was the correct call. It was a fantastic conclusion to a truly epic trilogy. Loved how it came full circle from the first one, and I definitely highly recommend it to everyone.

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