Damn Yankees.

Today is a very sad day.

Today is the day that one of my favorite baseball players of all time trades in his crisp, white uniform for a dingy gray one to match the city it’s represented (yeah I know they both have grey and white uniforms but it’s for literary effect!). Ichiro Suzuki, got traded to the Yankees today, and I could not hate them and Mariner’s management anymore if I tried.

I’m pretty sure this photo hung in my locker in middle school…

Here’s the thing:  The Yankees are unstoppable because they’re so disgustingly rich they can do whatever they want and take whoever they want.  I was a huge Alex Rodriguez fan when I was a kid.  Where does he end up?  The Yankees.  Where does he really succeed?  In New York.  Because of this, I’ve always held a grudge against them (and OK, I also prefer the Red Sox, too).

Ichiro has been here for so long now.  Yes, he’s getting old and not in his prime like he once was, but it’s a loyalty thing.  The principle.  It comes from the same sentiment that Ken Griffey Jr. came back home to retire.  Where he started. Where he belonged.

Maybe I put too much Nostalgia into my sports, but I’m pretty hurt by this one.  Whether we suck or not.

Not to mention, I’ll have to find a shirt with another name on it for when I go to the games now.  DAMN.

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