I Promise You, I’m Alive.

Well to those of you still paying attention to what I write…I am alive.

In short, this summer has already been pretty busy and eventful but I’m not complaining about that.  However, the problem that comes with being busy is that because I’ve been a busy B, I’ve had little time to blog and enlighten you with my all my beautiful words like I know I do so often.  Right?

What have I been up to?

Well, in the past month and a half I have: Moved, started dating someone, hosted a friend coming to Seattle for the first time, started trying to get 5k ready, BBQed a ton, cooked a ton, drank a ton, finally met Seattle’s own superhero Phoenix Jones, broken my 4th of July curse, gotten a good fill of the beach, found new beaches/trails/parks, hardly slept (but in a good way), taken a trip to Leavenworth, and last but not least, saw Magic Mike.  Yep. Magic Mike, you made it complete.

But really, in the simplest of terms, it’s been a great summer so far.  It’s been filled with great friends and great people.  I know that the best of summer is yet to come with some shows and festivals coming up, getting fresh ink with one of my best friends, Some camping, and possibly a road trip back to L.A..

Bonus:  This is the first summer in about 7 years I haven’t had to get some color the fake way!

I may do a 30 day challenge just to attempt to force myself to write here more.  Not just for you all, but for me, too.

What have YOU been up to this summer so far?

Catch you later weirdos!



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