Turning B. to Beast: Finals.

Disheveled hair and clothing.  Breakouts.  No attempt to wear makeup despite said breakouts.  Bags under the eyes so dark they’re looking black.  Eyelids droopy.  Blank stare in eyes. Unable to utter a single, intelligible sentence.  Pudgier than usual. Less mobile. From the outside, this may just look like an unrested slob but no…It’s Me. B. And while I make look like a sloth without the smile or a koala bear without the cuteness – I am a beast waiting to happen. Seriously.  Don’t mess with me.  One false move and you’re devoured, buddy.

What could be causing this?  PMS, perhaps? Got bitten in a silent zombie apocalypse?


Every year, every quarter – it happens.  Classes are coming to an end and I’m not prepared.  I don’t think I’ll ever be prepared.  Never.  They come way too fast and suddenly I feel like I’m scrambling.  I have so much to do yet so little time.  The fact I work full time doesn’t help either because that leaves me little time to accomplish anything without totally screwing up my sleep. I need my sleep!  That’s probably why I turn into such a bear.

Any sense of healthy eating goes out the window.  Any sense of putting any effort into myself or ANYTHING else but finals goes out the window, too.  I’m walking around on little sleep and little mental energy which means I have no time for people’s bullshit, either. One little thing to set me off and I’ll bit your head off faster than you can say wtf?!  I’m an ugly monster. Quite literally a mess.

The constant high and crashes of the extra caffeine I’m ingesting isn’t doing much help either.  This only allows me to focus for a couple hours before my head slams down on my laptop.  It’s okay — I’ll just wake back up at 2:30AM and keep going…

The fact of the matter is that this always happens.  It always has, it always will.  So just a note to the world:  The last week of classes — back off.  This beastwillbite.

P.S.  When I’m not a beast anymore and I’ve got some free time – I’ll actually write an actual posting.  Promise.

4 thoughts on “Turning B. to Beast: Finals.

  1. I never miss my finals exams. I may miss everything about school, but final exams… no. Good luck with yours! I hope you do well. Just keep motivating yourself with the upcoming holidays. =]

    • Yes, thank you! The problem with spring quarter is that the weather warms up and gets me excited for summer which makes it doubly hard to concentrate! I’ll persevere. Only three more days!

      Thanks for stopping by! :]

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