5k Fun?!

 I hate running. I have always hated running and I still hate it and I’m not sure if I’ll hate it forever but it sure feels like it. Urgh.

Here’s the thing:  I played a lot of sports growing up – I was involved in basketball most of my life, kickboxing, and then tennis when I got into high school.  There was running involved  but not nearly as much as say, soccer or track.  There was a reason I was a power forward and not a guard.  There was a reason I played doubles instead of singles.  There was a reason I liked to punch and kick the sh*t out of things.  I was powerful and athletic – just not a runner.

Lately I’ve been focusing hard on my health.  I have 8 months (my 25th birthday) to reach a goal and frankly I’ve been slacking majorly (especially after two weekends in a row filled with WAY too much drinking.  Bad B.!).

My friend and her boyfriend started the Couch to 5k program and it’s been inspiring to see how dedicated they are and how flawlessly they’ve been completing it.  That mixed with hearing about you all in the blogosphere running your 5k’s and I’ve got more inspiration to follow.

To be completely honest – most of these 5ks just look fun!  A friend of mine participated in the Seattle Color Run, another in a Warrior Dash and damn it – I want to be a part of that, too!

Frankly, Warrior Dash is coming up way too soon for me to be comfortable, and the Color Run isn’t coming back to Seattle for another year so I had to turn to the internet to find what out there would suit me.  After looking up some Seattle 5ks, I found one that I felt gave me plenty of time to train while also looked fun. Run Scared!

Run Scared is an annual Halloween themed 5k benefiting the leukemia and lymphoma society.  You dress up and run your 5k for the cause. The end of October is plenty of time for me to feel comfortable running a 5k, right?? Right.  I can do it. And to make myself do it I’ve committed to it with my friend.  Running all the way!!

I’m sure I’ll be sharing with you my progress, problems, and victories along the way to completing something in all of my life that I’ve never done.  I know you’re all rooting for me!

Do any of you have any running success stories?  Do you love it or hate it as much as me? Any tips? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “5k Fun?!

  1. I don’t have what people would term “runner’s legs.” That is to say that I stopped doing wind sprints when I saw a guy with actual runner’s legs jog casually by me, giving me a little friendly wave as I panted and wheezed with my legs a-kickin’. But these themed 5k’s are great because it appeals to a completely different side of yourself. (instead of the “oh god oh god, my legs burn” side.) Definitely stick with it. I did the Tough Mudder last year and loved it. Good friends, a nice cold beer or 3 afterwards, and never has a shower felt so damn good. I couldn’t sit down the next day out of fear that I wouldn’t get up, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had 3 inches of grime on my skin…but it’s a great experience and a whole lot of fun. Good luck with it! If you ever need a pep talk, I’m your boy! 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah, considering Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash are usually late spring/summer races, I have a full year to prepare for those. Right now I’m just focusing on running 5k straight (which, I don’t think I barely ever ran a mile straight growing up!!). Walk 5k? No sweat. jog on and off for 5k? Fine. But go the whole way? Ehhh.

      I’ve got a few people who are more than willing to train with me, too. The thing about that is that I like to work out alone because it’s a good “me” time. I get to be alone with my thoughts and I don’t have to worry about someone judging me for how I’m going about things. But it’s good to know they’re at least checking up on my progress. 🙂

      • Having people hold you accountable is definitely key. When I trained for TM, I needed someone to kick my ass the whole way. (Towards the end of the 5k, that was an almost literal ass kicking.) But it sounds like you’re doing it with good people, and that’s important too!

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