WTF, Glee.


You started out strong but I think you’re going downhill.  No one seems to care about you, anymore.  Couldn’t this have been one of those shows where everyone pretends not to notice all these people are in high school forever, like a cartoon?  What are we going to do without the people we care about not being in Glee?  (Except you, Trouty-mouth.  I’ll always care about you.)  Not to mention you totally depressed the hell out of me with that finale.  OK, yes…Finn and Rachel getting married was completely ridiculous and we all know it shouldn’t have happened, but still!?  Like that?!  Yes, I know the whole point of the show was for Rachel to get to New York but now I’m just depressed.  I feel like I just got dumped, myself. Even gay-wonder-couple Blaine and Kurt still promised to keep it together! So help me God, if you somehow break THEM up post-high school, too…I’ll murder.

And honestly, I hate to break it to you and all the kids out there that watch this show – but not everyone in Glee club plans on being stars.  Glee club could just be a hobby! Does everyone have to want to go to LA or NY?  Can’t someone just go to college like normal and be a part of their Glee club?  OK, I guess Quinn is, but I stopped caring about her a while ago.  Wait — did I ever really care?

I heard rumors about following them in their college careers which to me seems lame.  The whole point of this show is centered around a high school Glee club with high school issues.  Why do you think I watch?  Because I still wish my issues were high school instead of what they became in the years after I left.

Damnit, Glee.

Maybe the only problem here is that I care enough to even write this.  Hey, I never said I wasn’t at least mildly moronic.



And what about Becky?!?


5 thoughts on “WTF, Glee.

  1. I haven’t watched the season finale yet, but I have a general problem with Glee. And for all intents and purposes, it actually isn’t the Auto Tune Madness. A lot of modern pop stars use it, even ones I like, and I don’t begrudge them that technology. You’re making a tv show about glee clubs and the music has to be good or people won’t watch. Que sera.

    I think that the show went downhill after the first season for one reason: they removed a lot of the real conflict. Even the second season they still had conflict which made it bearable, but you could see they were starting to get…preachy. By the time the third season had come out, they had removed pretty much ALL real conflict from the storyline. Why?

    I think it has to do with America taking a closer look at things like bullying, high profile teenage suicides, teenage homosexuality and how it related to both of the former. Hell, the whole Karovsky / Kurt gay bashing storyline was a direct line to the “It Gets Better” campaign and the Trevor Project. In the third season, you can almost tell when the creators abruptly changed to (pardon the pun) a new direction. It became almost like old 80’s sitcoms. Each episode brought a resolution and a morality lesson. “Gay is ok”, “Bullying can kill”, “Domestic violence is wrong”…

    And then they wrap it up neatly within an hour. Maybe two. It’s formulaic. And they try desperately to interject some kind of conflict, but it’s so…half assed. And they took the main villain character out of the equation. Even the METHOD behind it seems half baked. “Oh, let’s have her pregnant so she’s still bitchy but she can blame it on the hormones.”

    I don’t think that having these resolutions are bad…it’s just that without conflict there really isn’t a resolution. And an abrupt change in tone really ruins the flow. Ok, this comment turned out to be a mini-post. My bad! 🙂

    • You know your insight is always welcome and appreciated!

      Man, in terms of non-conflict, you’re gonna roll when you see the ending of the finale. It’s way too Cinderella story for anyone to bare. And you’re right, while it’s great that everything is all peachy around McKinley High – it doesn’t really make for good TV. I read an interview with the creators saying they need to make up villains for both Sue and Will for the next season, and go back to the underdog status.

      I don’t know how far you’ve watched into this season but even the asshole from the Warbler’s was just like, “Okay. We’re cool. I’ll be nice to you.” It’s just too much. People aren’t like that in real life – ESPECIALLY high schoolers, no matter how tolerant they seem overall.

      And I’m sorry but I miss Santana being a B. I loved her that way. We connected that way. Come on.

      Do I think Glee can be saved? Maybe. Will I still watch it? At least for a little bit. But yes, the after-school-specialness of it all needs to not be so glaringly apparent.

      Thanks again, Casey!

      • Oh. And you know what else still grates at my nerves?! Sure, I know it’s important for LGBT teens to feel comfortable in their own skin, but after Kurt and Blaine, did we then NEED to even it out by making Brittany and Santana a couple? I feel like there was no other purpose. Their story line wasn’t thought-out or on-going like everyone else. It was just like “Oh hey, I’m gay. You *think* you’re bi. I love you. We’re going to be together.”

      • ANDDDDDD Pairing Tina and Mike together. Really!? The two Asians? Of-fucking-course. They may both be Asian but they don’t look good together and I promise it’s not just my disdain for always pairing the Asians together (or at least, always pairing the Asian male with the Asian girl) that makes me cringe when they kiss. I liked Tina and Artie. I thought they were cute. Mike and Tina? No. No, no, no.

        Ok, I think I’m done. Mini-posts abound!

      • Yeah. Again, I think they were having a lot of pressure from anti-bullying groups, teenage suicide groups, teenager acceptance groups, etc.. It doesn’t make sense otherwise. I think also that originally they may have designated this show for a more mature audience, but they might have had to tone it down when they realized how young a lot of their audience is.

        I do know about the Warbler douche. His abrupt face turn made me think I had turned to a Saved By The Bell: New Class episode I hadn’t watched yet. Please don’t let them sing “Friends Forever” by the Zack Attack. Oh god.

        Too much damn RESOLUTION for the finale. I think they had to so that they could kind of start fresh next season and go back to what worked for them. Kind of revamp the show and what makes it work. Least I hope so.

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