Foodie Friday: Mad About Mushrooms!!

I love mushrooms. I really do.  Why don’t you marry one?

I would if this country let people marry whomever you love!  OK I wouldn’t actually marry a mushroom – that was just a cheap dig at some bigots in “supposed” educated American society. *Ahem*.  Moving on…

Even before I adopted the meatless eating for this month, I’ve always loved mushrooms.  They’re like the tofu of vegetables…errr, fungi!  You can make them taste however you want because they soak in flavors so well and so fast with all those gills and pores!

In the last week, I’ve prepared mushrooms in a few ways. One tried-and-true recipe and a couple “winging as I go” ones.  All of them have turned out fabulously, so I want to share my recipes with you! They’re super easy — you really can’t mess these up!

The first recipe is my standard portobello recipe.  I usually use this one when I’m eating just the portobellos with a side of greens or whatever I feel like having.

Last Sunday was mother’s day – so for mother’s day, my mom wanted us to take the RV up to Larrabee State Park, which is a beautiful park located in Bellingham, Washington along the north sound.  My sister lives in Bellingham, so Dad, Mom, Grams and I swooped her up before hopping over to the park.  I had a container of marinating portobellos in the fridge for me and whoever else wanted a mushroom to eat, and my sister was to provide the chicken.

Well, my sister ended up forgetting about the chicken together so we ALL had a vegetarian meal! No complaints though, and my portobello recipe turned out amazing over fire. 🙂 Everyone enjoyed it!

B.’s Portobellos
Portobello Caps – however many you need
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Soy Sauce
Garlic clove, chopped

LOVED the smokey flavor the grill added to these!

mix enough balsamic vinegar and soy sauce (just a LITTLE evoo!) to create a shallow pool for the portobellos.  Add chopped garlic.  Pour some of the mixture into the gills of the portobellos and store in a container gill side up.  You really don’t need to have them marinate that long – they soak up flavor extremely fast.  In the case of last weekend, they were stored for about 1.5 hours.

You can saute them, grill them in a BBQ, grill them in a counter-top grill, or broil in the oven.  You can slice them up (like I did last weekend) or bun them with your favorite toppings.  They really are versatile and easy for anyone to make.  They’re flavorful, juicy and meaty.  Yum!
I also made my bean salad I mentioned in last week’s Foodie Friday post.  I didn’t expect anyone to like it as much as I did! It was all gone pretty quick!

My next recipe, I made a few days prior to Mother’s Day for “Friday Dinner”.  It was beautiful out and friends wanted to grill so I marinated up some mushrooms to stick on skewers with other fresh veggies.

Mine are on the left…obviously.

B.’s Shish Kabob Mushrooms
Common button mushrooms (however many you need), stems removed
Lemon Juice (the juice from one large lemon was enough for 25 mushrooms)
Garlic clove, chopped
Olive Oil, 1/4 cup at the most
Ground Pepper

Combine all the ingredients for marinade and pour over mushrooms.  Mix to make sure mushrooms get evenly coated. Thread on skewers with other veggies, and grill! I only marinated these for about 45 minutes and they were still pretty flavorful by the time they got off the grill. We munched these down with a tomato and asparagus orzo salad my friend made.

The last recipe I want to get to is one I completely and totally winged.  My coworker had some delicious smelling BBQ chicken for lunch the other day and it inspired me to try something else out with the portobellos.  Yes, I could just do this with a veggie patty, but I’m trying to remain as “whole foods” as possible in my quest without meat. I was actually pretty impressed with how my BBQ Portobellos turned out.  I didn’t have cheese or anything, but of course you can always add that.  I also thought in the figure I could shred the portobellos after they’re done cooking to make them more like “pulled portobellos”.

B.’s BBQ Portobello Burgers
TJ’s whole wheat burger buns
Portobello cap
Light Italian dressing
Worcestershire Sauce
BBQ Sauce
Red Onions, sliced
Olive Oil

Like with the first portobello recipe, I mixed the dressing, Worcestershire sauce onions and a dash of EVOO together, pouring the mixture in the gills of the portobello and letting the top of the cap sit in the marinate for about 20 minutes.  I put them on my George foreman until they seemed fully heated through.  On the whole wheat bun I put a slice of tomato, lettuce, and topped the portobello with BBQ sauce and the onions that they had been marinated with.  In my opinion, it was a great meatless alternative to good ol’ classic BBQ!

I’ve seen some vegan slaws out there that would be good topping for these burgers, but I’m trying to stay away from things like veganaise, which is a big ingredient in most of them. I don’t know why, but I just don’t fully trust it, yet!

I hope you all have a happy weekend!


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