Tunesday, May 15, 2012

Danza Kuduro Ft. Lucenzo by Don Omar

I admit that I love the Fast and the Furious series.  It’s my guilty pleasure! I still remember how watching the first one made me feel as an impressionable 14-year-old who wanted a black civic and subsequently merge it under a semi.  Unfortunately, once I turned 16, I was very disappointed to find that there are no semi-trucks tall enough for my dream to come true.  Oh well.

Last summer, Fast Five was one of the more anticipated movies by me and it ended up being my favorite of the whole series.  The movie takes place in Rio de Janeiro and for the most part, the soundtrack (which was awesome, in my opinion) had a lot of Latin influence, and was very upbeat.  I loved this song the minute I heard it and played it all summer long last summer.

Who cares if you don’t know Portuguese — doesn’t this song just make you want to dance?!

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