Tunesday, May 8, 2012: Rest in Peace, MCA

I’m sure I’ve been a fan of The Beastie Boys since I was in the womb.  I’m totally serious, here — they’re in my top 10 favorite groups of all time despite not being alive yet for their first album release.

Of course, it was a bummer to hear that MCA was sick – but nothing saddened me more on Friday when I found out that he had lost his fight with cancer.

Remembering MCA goes perfectly with my running theme of songs that remind me of summer, because The Beastie Boys are definitely in my windows down, sunroof open, blasting-music-when-summer-rolls-around, playlist.

A little fact about me: When I kick back a few beers, I have a tendency to rap.  Don’t ask me why, but my inner-rapper just can’t handle being muffled.  If I’ve had a bit too much to drink, the number one song you’ll hear me start belting out is not “Fight For Your Right”, it’s not “No Sleep ’til Brooklyn” (though, I will get really pumped if that song comes on) – but it’s “Paul Revere”.  I’m not sure why, but I love it.  In one of my more “party hardy” summers, I probably did a rendition of Paul Revere almost every single weekend – whether people wanted me to or not.

My best friend who moved to Brooklyn last year shares my love of the Beastie Boys and says that everyone goes nuts when a song comes on from them.  She begs me to come to NY sometimes just for that purpose.  I really wish I had been there Friday night while she was sitting on her stoop locked out of her apartment to grab her and go drink and sing to the Beastie Boys all night.

Here’s to you, Adam “MCA” Yauch.

Paul Revere by The Beastie Boys

2 thoughts on “Tunesday, May 8, 2012: Rest in Peace, MCA

  1. It really is sad. As a kid my older cousins in Northern California were CRAZY into the Beastie Boys. They got me into them and our Dad’s as well. We’ve been fans a looong time. Super sad to lose Adam. Great post.

    • Thank you! Yeah, it is really sad. I’m especially disheartened that I never got to see them play live as a whole. I know as a big fan, it would have been a blast.

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