The First Foodie Friday of No-Meat May

Here’s the thing, guys.  I love meat.  When I was 4, I told my mom that I wanted to be a vegetarian (I’m also a big animal lover, hence why I decided I wanted to be vegetarian.  How I knew what a vegetarian was at 4 years old, I don’t know. I digress).   I guess I didn’t fully understand the meaning of being vegetarian, because when my mom told me if I did that I couldn’t eat chicken nuggets anymore, I quickly rethought my position on being a meat-eater.  No chicken nuggets?! Ok — phew, dodged that bullet.

I come from a long line of meat-eaters.  My mom’s family owns a cattle ranch and my grandma on my dad’s side, as healthy as she was – was a meat eater.  Whenever I get ravenously hungry I feel like the only way to nourish that hunger is with red meat.  I’m not sure where I adopted this principal for myself – but I did.

A few weeks back I watched a documentary called Forks Over Knives (Netflix Streaming, if you’re curious).  In this documentary, people were asked to go on a whole-foods, plant based diet.  Not vegan —  but a whole foods, plant-based diet.  That means nothing that a vegan wouldn’t eat, plus no refined sugars, caffeine, oils (not even olive oil!) or white flours.

I am totally sold on what good it can do for you – after watching a few people totally eliminate health problems in a matter of weeks.  What I’m not totally sold on is if I can do it.  So, I thought I’d start in stages (a little is better than nothing, right??).

A few weeks ago, I cut red meat out of my diet.  Honestly, since I’ve gotten older and a little more wiser, red meat hardly makes it’s way into my diet much so this task wasn’t too difficult.  Then I decided once May came around that I would go completely vegetarian.  “Meatless May, I’ll call it!”.

To be completely honest, going without meat isn’t too difficult either.  In fact, a lot of my friends have mistaken me for a vegetarian already (hey, I like my tomato basil combinations, Okay?!)  – it’s the animal products I have a hard time living without.  Even though I told myself I wouldn’t try to eliminate those until May is over, I’ve been drastically trying to cut down on those, too.  So far, it hasn’t felt too bad.

My breakfasts have consisted of Old-Fashioned Oats, Soy Milk (LOVE), and fresh berries.  I tried going without caffeine for the first couple of days but who are we kidding?  That should be the LAST thing I try to take away. So coffee with some soy creamer gets thrown in there.

Lunches usually consist of greens with my favorite Trader Joe spicy peanut dressing and a cooked yam with cinnamon.

Dinners have consisted of portobello burgers (I gave in and put cheese on it) with whole wheat buns and veggies.

So far things have been going okay but it hasn’t been a full week.  I haven’t felt hungry after I’ve eaten and I haven’t felt bad either.  I mainly wanted to try this for a month to see how I would feel when the month was said and done.  IF I can have enough will power and perseverance to attain a whole-foods, plant-based diet then I will definitely try.  If not, being vegan is a serious possibility.

I’m not saying that I would inherently be one or the other.  Every once in a while the healthiest person will eat a piece of cake right?  If I do decide to adopt a vegan diet it will be an almost vegan diet.  I don’t want to be completely restricted from a piece of cheese or an egg if I want a piece of cheese or an egg, OK!!?

Hopefully this month I’ll have some exciting vegetarian/vegan options showcased for Foodie Friday, because right now I’m floundering just a bit.

As always, if anyone has any ideas.  Let me know!

4 thoughts on “The First Foodie Friday of No-Meat May

  1. Oh man…I could not do it. Just can’t. I’d get the shakes. And not the tasty frothy malted ones either! I mean the Wimpy’s “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday…” for a rack of ribs kind of shakes. I admire your willpower!

    • A few years ago I’d probably be in your boat, too. I’ve always been a meat and potatoes girl. I mean, I always make jokes how I like my steak bloody (I know, I’m sick). I also don’t really have any friends that are vegetarian, let alone vegan. But, I always hate extremes which means once in great a while – I WILL eat that steak (or more often cheese & eggs), damn it! I won’t ever call myself a vegan.

      Though I’ve been hearing after you eat this way for a while, meat does horrible things to your stomach. Sigh.

      • See, the bloody thing never bothered me. I think it came from my dad who always ordered his steak “mooing.” Also apparently there is such a thing as “bloody rare” which I just thought was a really pissed off Englishman ordering a rare steak. I had no idea it was a real thing. But that’s not even cooked. It’s like raw, and most places won’t do it for good reason! Now that I’m in the food industry, I can appreciate that.

      • I had never heard of anyone eating anything “bloody rare” (I like mine still warm, so I order medium rare) but my last ex told me that when he cooked steaks he would sneak a piece off the raw meat before he would cook them. First I was a little grossed out – but that paired with an inside joke about hair, gave me the opportunity to tease him a little by calling him my werewolf. I don’t think he was as amused as I was… =P

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