Tunesday, April 17, 2012

Echo by Incubus

Last weekend it was absolutely gorgeous here in the Seattle area.  One of my favorite songs to blast when the weather starts warming up and getting nice is “Wish You Were Here” by Incubus.  It really has to be one of my essential summer songs.  That’s when I decided in the weeks leading up to summer, that I’d provide a song that has some sort of summer significance to me.

Echo makes me think of the summer when I was 17 years old. Morning View had long been a record before my 17th year, but my best guy friend whom I was head over heels in love with (though would never admit it to anyone at the time) would always play that CD when we would joyride around (back when driving was new and fun and gas prices weren’t outrageous and 5 dollars actually got you pretty far!).  I remember hearing this song for the first time and it being completely silent in the car after a long albeit fun day.  I felt like the song added some sort of tension in the car, and thinking it described how I felt about him well.

I was also a teenager and an insane closet emo kid. I can say that now that 7 years have passed.  Enjoy!

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