The Dark Side of a “Draw Something” Obsession Pt. II

One thing I did not anticipate when I published my original Dark Side of Draw Something post, was that people would actually add me on the game. My obsession with playing the game pushed me to put my DS tag out there on the internets in the hopes of getting a few extra games to play with people who now know after reading my post that I am intolerant of idiots.

Whether it’s followers of my blog or people who have found it searching for why people are such idiots on the game, every time I opened up Draw Something on my phone, there was a new game waiting from a reader. Make no mistake about it though I don’t chalk this up to people actually following me, but instead fellow human beings with half a brain and an obsession to play just like I did.  They don’t care they get their fix, as long as it’s fixed, yes?!

If you are reading this and have a game going on Draw Something with me right now please know that I am not ignoring you! I have just simply started to lose my interest in the game (like I said i would!) and having 20 games open and ready to play is overwhelming at best, not to mention extremely time consuming if I knocked them all out at once.

Not to mention saying my pictures were pretty awesome and then have even more awesome drawers add me is a lot of pressure and intimidating at best!

Despite the fact I’m losing interest in the game (mostly from being overwhelmed), I’ll still try to play with all you weirdos and strangers as long as possible simply because you read through an entire blog post of mine and liked it enough to follow me, add me on Draw Something and/or tell me over Draw Something/This One B. that you liked it. Means the world to me!

Seriously though, if I take forever to take my turn – don’t give up on me, baby!  I’ll come around!

I don’t have an iPhone, and my phone doesn’t have the capability to take screen shots otherwise I’d show you some of the amazing things people I’ve been playing with have been drawing.  If you have any, I want to see! I’m always amazed at people’s talents.  You can also show me really crappy ones, nothing makes me feel more amazing than a crappy drawing to make me feel better about myself!



One thought on “The Dark Side of a “Draw Something” Obsession Pt. II

  1. Can’t stand the morons who send me words instead of drawing a picture, and are too obtuse to recognize the most obvious of subjects (most strikingly, a broom and a Wizard of Oz-esque green witch). After a player displays this sort of retardation a few times in a row, I immediately delete the game to communicate my disdain for their poor intellect. Want to know the worst part? I just started playing this game a few days ago, and I’m already fed up with it.

    p.s.- I found this page after performing a Google search for “DrawSomething” idiots, as I figured I wasn’t the only one plagued by these people.

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