Foodie Friday Fail

Fellow bloggers, followers, foodies, weirdos, and prosititutes,

You’ll have to excuse my blatant disregard of planning this week which has resulted in no Foodie Friday for today.  I know how heartbroken you are to miss a week of staring and/or hearing about food that unless you live in Seattle, you are most likely not going to get the chance to eat.

A lot of you may know that the Hunger Games premiered last night and because I have a freak of a fan girl living inside me who still likes to believe I can go to those midnight premieres and be OK for work the next day, I went.  Resulting in no preparation for today.  (I’m running on 3.5 hours of sleep and I’m starting to crash and burn badly).

Foodie Friday will be back next week with at least 8 hours of beauty sleep to back it up!

Have a good weekend little weirdos.

Is it time to sleep yet?

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