The Dark Side of a “Draw Something” Obsession.

Every once in a while, something will prance in front of my eyes that makes me halt everything I’m doing and focus on solely it.  I can’t help it — one of the many fine traits I received from my mother was compulsion to obsess.  It never lasts long however, before something else comes into view to obsess over.  If any of you remember my Pinterest post last November, you will have witnessed me obsessing.  The extreme obsession over Pinterest, like most of my obsessions, waned pretty quickly.

In the wake of Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends, etc.  comes Draw Something.  You are given three words to choose from, and each word has a reward.  These rewards are 1 coin for the easiest word and up to 3 coins for the hardest.  You want to get as many coins as possible so you can buy color packs to make better illustrated photos or bombs that you can use to get new words if you don’t like what you’ve been given, or blow up letters of the words given to you while you’re trying to guess your partners drawing.  I use the term partner instead of opponent because it seems to be that you’re actually playing together to get coins.

The problem I have with obsessing over games is I have a tendency to turn into somewhat of a crack addict over it.  I start off playing with my friends but then eventually that isn’t enough. Fidgeting, twitching, waiting for that friend to take their turn is maddening. I need to get my high from anywhere, or anyone.  Enter: the “Random” button.  Be careful, the random button can be very, very dangerous. There’s all sorts of scary, shady people hidden behind that random button, just waiting to ruin your Draw Something experience altogether.

First, there’s the really stupid person.  Someone who couldn’t guess “the sun” no matter how perfectly yellow and ray-like your sun is.  Since there is no winner or loser, I assume the point of the game is to try and get through as many games as you can without f*cking up.  The stupid people f*ck you up.  They give it two ol’ college tries (actually, good ol’ elementary school try) before giving up and restarting the game.  Hello, idiot! I know I’m not a bad enough illustrator for you NOT to figure out that this is an apple.  I’ll let the person slide who didn’t know my drawing was a dreidel, complete with the Star of David.  They were probably just sheltered as children from the Jews. Understandable.

My fed-up attempt to "explain" the game.

Second, there’s the person that just writes out a clue.  This is Draw Something.  You’re supposed to draw. something. Not waste my time with a stupid, shitty clue.  I could have figured out the word faster by scrambling the letters at the bottom of the screen than to sit and try to read your stupid clue in horrible handwriting.  These type of people make me want to pick the hardest word and then draw a middle finger instead.

Lastly there’s the most atrocious person to play with.  The person that just writes out the word. Again, this is DRAW SOMETHING.  Do not insult my intelligence by just writing out what the goddamn word is.  I would think that since the game indicates that we need to draw pictures, that any Tom, Dick or 5-year old Harry could grasp it.  I should have realized you were an idiot when you couldn’t get my REALLY good drawing of a clown.  (I’m totally serious right now, my drawings rock.)  I implore these people to actually do what the game suggests, otherwise gtfo.  I went so far as to write DRAW!!! while it was my turn and was given another word.  You can see my response to that pictured above.

It’s like that crack addict took the door written “random” and ended up in a slaughterhouse with a serial killer, or worse with a person selling them sugar.  At least with the serial killer you can die and not have to interact with another imbecile.

Anywho, if you DO play, you can add me @thisoneb.  If you are any of the aforementioned people – then don’t bother unless you want a picture of me strangling you to be my next masterpiece!

12 thoughts on “The Dark Side of a “Draw Something” Obsession.

  1. Don’t forget about the vague drawer. One large red dot in the middle of the screen is not a rebound. I can’t guess that. I’M NOT A MIND READER. It’s called Draw Something, not pull something out of the universe that you thought of.

  2. I love the game, but I’m sick of getting retards as random opponents. For example, I get the word “Conan;” draw a freakin’ flawless copy of Coco’s cartoon logo. My opponent “guesses” the word “pees.” The hell? At first I thought the derp may be tied to cultural differences, but these idiots can’t get even the simplest of drawings. Pretty sure there are tugboats, mops, and laptops in other countries.

  3. “Second, there’s the person that just writes out a clue.” THIS. My roommate told me about Draw Something; he always writes out these dumb fucking clues. I googled “draw something stupid people too many clues,” and your post came up. Thank you.

  4. Totally agree with you! I get so mad when people write something instead of drawing!! Grrr!
    And then there are those leprechauns who just troll for coins and spell out the 3 coin words!
    Anyways, would be nice to play with someone sensible, I’ve sent you a drawing, play if you feel inclined!

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  7. Oh for the love of God, YES. I don’t play Draw Something but Draw Idol..yet either way, same principle. I think half of the time I’m just yelling “you f* idiots!!!!” at my phone … & don’t forget the passive-aggressive player please … uch .. but still .. obsession fits it quite well … uch

  8. Try to add you and get this message:
    “This player has too many games at the moment, try again later”
    ROFL! You really are addicted xD

  9. I was just trying this game out first time today, and I noticed there was a blatantly obvious exploit available of just writing out the whole word. After reading this post I now understand there’s not really a competitive element. Thanks for the explanation.

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