Things That Make Me Go “Ahhh..” :) (Part One)

Well I’m glad to see this post came much earlier than I had anticipated!  I can never stay in a bad mood long enough anyhow.  You’ll notice I also called this Part One without having a second one in mind, just like my “AGHH!” post, but I’m sure I have more things that make me happy than things that piss me off to add at some point in the future.  Can you believe it?!

I snapped this with my phone, in my car, on my way home from work as the sun started to go down and the clouds roll in.

1. Sunshine
Has anyone ever heard the song by Ben Harper called She’s Only Happy in the Sun?  Well, you basically have to download it because Ben Harper’s people have his shit on total lockdown. You can’t even listen to the album version on YouTube!  But none-the-less, I love sunshine.  And when it comes out I think of that song because it seems the only time I’m really, truly, without-a-doubt happy is when the sun is out.  It was beautiful today.  The temperature even got to a downright balmy 60 degrees! I think us sunshine-depraved Seattlites all go a little loopy when the sun peeks out.  You’d think by the way we act that we never see it. Oh wait…

2. My baristas
Seriously.  Baristas (in my life) are life-savers.  When you actually know and talk to your barista, it makes them that much better.  Sure these people may not be actual friends but why not enjoy these people as if they were friends?  Life is no fun to just talk to the same people every day without being genuinely happy to see them.

Not only do good ol' J. Aniston and I have the same birthday, we have the same hair type!

3. Good hair days
I’ve been trying something new lately and curling my hair with my flat iron.  It’s been giving me beach waves that are pretty rad.  I love when my hair does what I want it to and stays that way – which is almost never.

4. Being called “pretty”
Admit it, when someone tells you, you look cute, you’re happy.  When someone tells you you’re pretty or look pretty, it makes you start to believe it a little bit (We’re talking about from a reliable source though…not the foreign guy who whistles and winks as you as you walk by at the mall who makes you uncomfortable.  That just makes you feel icky).  High self-esteem, low self-esteem, middle self-esteem…whatever.  Being called “pretty” when you don’t normally hear it, rocks. You think I’m prrreeettttyyy…

5. People who follow, “like”, and comment on This One B.
I’m always amazed at the fact that complete strangers will “like” posts of mine, comment or even better, follow me.  It’s one thing to have your friends like you and like what you write (because they’re your friends, they’re supposed to!) It’s a completely different experience when strangers do.  In some way it makes me feel a little more validated.  Like I actually have a smidgen of talent in writing or being funny.  Thanks everyone!! Oh, and not to mention – remember my Tunesday post about David Choi?  He took a look and tweeted me a smile.  Nothing is better than that!!

While cheerful me is up and at ’em, I want to wish everyone a good weekend! Hopefully you have more “ahhh”‘s instead of “aghh!”s! Seeya next time, little weirdos!


5 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Go “Ahhh..” :) (Part One)

  1. 1) When I tell women they look pretty I always see a stray hand moving towards a spray bottle of mace in their purse. Maybe I’m creepy and I didn’t know it. Should I adopt a Armenian accent?
    2) Every Barista I’ve ever met is a failed art student or history major with a huge chip on their shoulder. I love making conversation with strangers but the vast majority of these people seem to be douches. (Maybe it’s because I’m creepy? I’m sensing a theme here)
    3) I actually really like your writing. It’s clever, funny and interesting. Since I’m a total stranger (I found you through the humor tag on I would like to take a very small amount of credit for point number 5 above. But really, it’s on you for writing well.

    • Wow! Thank you for that. Actually, telling me that I or my writing is clever, funny and interesting is a compliment I care 1000x more about than hearing I’m pretty. And bonus, I’m not creeped out! Nice job!

      In WA we have a lot of espresso stands. Little tiny house-like boxes where people serve up coffee (you’ll find 10+ on any drive to anywhere). Most of these girls are high school students, college comm major students or party girls that have super bad fake tans, but they’re usually nice. The art students and history majors work at the actual shops. You know, that are local, organic, free-trade, and sustainable that I never have time to sit around at.

      And definitely adopt an Armenian accent, because that won’t make you any less creepy when you tell a girl she looks good.

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