Maybe, Baby.

Whether it’s a word that makes you cringe in disgust, recoil in fear or violently defiant upon utterance of the word — there’s at least one word in the English dictionary that you probably hate. In my very first post on this blog, I filled out the Pivot questionnaire that James Lipton always ends his interviews with on Inside the Actors Studio.  The word I said I hated was a pejorative term for gays though thinking about it now that term is probably equal to a well-known racial slur.  I hate them all. Ugly, ugly words.

Derogatory terms aside, I think one of the most unpopular words is “no”.  But, really – who likes the word? No one wants to be rejected, no one wants to be told they can’t do something. Nobody wants to be told no!

As much as I hate “no”, I’ve come to the blaring realization that there is one word so mind-numbingly bothersome and obnoxious that I wish it, and the ideas around it did not exist.  In my opinion it makes “no” seem like a beautiful angel to it’s devilish, deceitful ways.


AGH! My blood pressure is rising just typing it out. Maybe. Ew, such a gross word.

Sure, I love to wear grey and I’m used to seeing it in the sky but I despise it as an answer.  Maybe, might, may…I hate them all, I hate hearing them.  In my eyes, it should be either yes or no. Either you will, or you won’t.  You do, or you don’t.  You like, or you don’t like.  I’d much rather hear you say no because then I at least know where you stand!

Maybe (hah!) I have a complex because I heard the word a lot as a child and it never turned into a yes.  It was like “Hey, mom – I know I’m only 5 and that my impressionable mind’s dreams of being a Ballerina/Orca Whale Trainer/Zookeeper/Wife of fictional character Zack Morris are high, but can’t you just give it to me straight?!”

Ok, maybe (hah) it was a good word to use when I was a kid to keep me from temper-tantrum-ing but I’m pretty sure it’s the reason I have a temper-tantrum when I hear it now.  Hell, even “I don’t know” is better – at least you’re telling someone you’re uncertain.  Not that you’re tossing whatever it is around in your mind for the sheer thrill of tormenting them (me).

I hate maybes.

What do you hate?

“It seems to me that ‘maybe’, pretty much always means ‘no’, so don’t tell me, you ‘might’ just let it go” – Jack Johnson (sing it, Jack!)

2 thoughts on “Maybe, Baby.

  1. My favorite phrase as a teen was “I don’t know” which is a not so secret code for “I have an issue with pleasing people and you are making me anxious.” “Maybe” is synonymous with “I don’t know.” for some of us gutless, shy, liars. Please bear with us and check out my blog.

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