Bucket List: Get a Tattoo

So, last weekend as a late birthday gift to myself I finally went and got my first tattoo that I’ve been wanting for quite some time now.

I went with a shop in the Greenwood/Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle called Two Birds Tattoo.  It appealed to me because it is ran by all women and has a feminine touch to it that most shops don’t.  I was also impressed by their work when I looked online at their portfolios – these ladies pretty much kick ass and my artist, Alexis was no exception.  On top of having the best portfolio (in my opinion), the assurance that she had being doing it for 15 years wasn’t bad either.

So my tattoo is nothing big, nothing intricate, but it works for me. It’s zaanti, which is sanskrit for peace, calmness of mind, tranquility, bliss, etc.

While “Free Your Mind” blasted on the radio and my tattoo artist belted it out, my friend Rachel stood above my lying body , arms crossed and contorting her face in horror or disgust while she asked every 10 seconds “Did that hurt? What about that? Oh, that line looked like it hurt!” At that point, I wasn’t really feeling what my tattoo was saying, but I made it through.

To be honest, the pain was the thing I was scared about the most and it wasn’t that bad. Once in a while it did feel a little painful but she stopped to wipe up her work often and that spurt of pressure definitely relieved any pain. 15 minutes later I raised my wrist to my face and exclaimed “It’s on me forever!!!”

After she bandaged me up and I got up to leave Rachel was still hounding me “Does it still hurt? Are you glad it’s over?” My tattooist scoffed and said “yeah right! You’re going to be planning your next one soon!”. My reply? “I already know what I want next.”


4 thoughts on “Bucket List: Get a Tattoo

    • That is how I pronounce it, but I’ve noticed it’s spelled many different ways from shanti to shaanti to shantih to zaanti. Zaanti was the way I originally saw it written, so I just went with that.

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