Empress of Slack

Ok, ok. I promise I’ll get my ass in gear this weekend-thru mid week and get my 30 Day Photo Challenge photos in.  I suppose that means I totally fail the challenge, yeah?

It’s also been a while since I’ve really written anything of importance either.  Total slacker.  Hence the title, which is one of my many nicknames at work. 

See, my company is very small (only 20 who ever even come into the office) and we’re like some weird, dysfunctional family.  We have inside jokes that we think are HILARIOUS that no normal person would find funny.  One of those jokes is the practice of slipping “slack” or “slacker” into someone’s name.  Slack doesn’t cleverly fit into my first or last name, so I’m just the empress. Don’t ask me why we find such joy in creating creative ways to call each other slackers, when most of us work pretty damn hard.  We’re just special. 

Well on that extremely random note, I will post more soon.  I’m super stoked about a creative writing piece I’m working on right now so I hope to unveil some of that later as well. 

Have a good weekend everyone!

Oh, and P.S. – Barack Obama totally flew over my head today. ‘Twas awesome.

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