AMF’s and Middle-Points

Hey weirdos!

I totally failed with the 30 day photo challenge, but I’m promising myself to make up all the days I lost. Stay tuned!

One of the reasons I failed was because last week there were about 50 different people with birthdays. So from about Wednesday – Sunday it was party after gathering after party.  Including my own which I may or may not have gotten embarrassingly drunk during.  Don’t ask me why I asked a guy who looked like Moby if he masturbated for a living, used a pool stick as a mic stand for most of the night or got pissed when people were “ruining my buzz” playing Whitney Houston music.  It was drunk B, and drunk B is a wildcard.  Just to let you know I’m not referring to myself in third person I’m talking about a completely different person, really! I totally paid for being a drunk asshole the next day though, so don’t worry.

To be perfectly honest turning 24 kinda sucks, not that 23 was that much better.  It’s a weird middle-point for me where I don’t have the worry/responsibility-free thing going on anymore, but I don’t have enough worries/responsibilities that make me feel like I’ve accomplished much.  Right now I wish I could either rewind or fast forward, because pressing play isn’t doing a whole lot.  Granted, every monotonous thing I’m doing is making strides towards the forward part, it’s just taking a little longer than I’d like.

I made a really important goal to meet before my 25th birthday so now I’ve got one year to accomplish it.  I feel accomplishing what I need to in a year will be the best thing to get me out of the suffocating middle point.

I’m going to guess getting plastered at a pub isn’t going to do much for me, either.  Time to finally quit drinking? (For the record, I mean quit drinking in a when-I-DO-drink-it’s-way-too-much-way, not in an I’m-an-alcoholic way).




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