The Vicious Cycle: Caffeine.

Hi, my name is Brittany and I’m addicted to Caffeine.

Everyone together now: Hi Brittany.

It’s sickening the amount of caffeine I can consume in a day. 3 cups of coffee? 4 shots of espresso? A diet soda? Check, check, and check.  Throw in a few Rebulls or Vietnamese ice coffee when I really need a crank. If somehow caffeine became as hard to come by and as expensive as crack, I’d probably be whoring myself out for it and licking disposed caffeine off the bottom of garbage bins. OK, that’s gross. I wouldn’t really do that, but…maybe. I need caffeine that much.

The shitty thing about my caffeine addiction is that it doesn’t actually snap me up like it does most people.  My tolerance has become all too high.  I drink it all day long just to merely function properly, and I never really stop.  Then when I come home, it’s like I’m compelled to drink more otherwise my body feels like it’ll just pass out which is more than likely from my over-consumption of caffeine.

So then what happens is I get on this damn blog, other people’s damn blogs, or facebook, or Pinterest (god forbid) and that mixed with caffeine means I’m going to bed late. Then I’m waking up too late to make coffee at home, and then morning traffic sucks and I can’t stop for coffee on the way in because I’ll be extra late for work if I do.  By the time I’ve sat through an hour of traffic with my eyes half open, I get to work and realize I can’t even utter an intelligible word yet! So, I drag my scuffing feet to my office’s kitchen and pour the biggest cup of coffee I can and start drinking it as if I had just found a spring in a desert and I’m not gonna make it if I don’t drink this cup of coffee rightthisinstant. More cups follow.Then I get home after drinking caffeine all day, and it starts again.

It’s a horrible, cruel, vicious cycle that my dependency on caffeine puts me in. Something I definitely should change, right?

WRONG. I can’t believe you’d betray me like that.  There’s no way in hell I’m letting go of my coffee, are you f*cking crazy?!

2 thoughts on “The Vicious Cycle: Caffeine.

  1. Do diet sodas have caffeine? Either way I think I got that monkey off my back after college was over. Now I drink mostly water. Although hot cocoa has like the tiniest amount of caffeine in it probably.

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