Snow in Seattle, Part Deux

As I write this, I can look out my window and see that all the snow is off the trees and it is rapidly melting away from the ground as the temperature has risen and our ever-familiar rain has returned.

But folks, before it got better, it got a lot worse.

The following day after my first part of the Snow in Seattle series, the snow picked up rapidly and the temperatures dropped down even further.  In a lot of places, the snow turned into a freezing rain.  Then it happened: Seattle got it’s first-ever Ice Storm.

Of course Seattlites would think of it's precious wildlife amidst an ice storm!

Now apparently these things are pretty common in the northeast – the only time I had even heard of one was from the movie, The Ice Storm, which is based in Connecticut – but certainly not here in Seattle.  So the frenzy I spoke about earlier over snow?  Well while some of us were stuck in 2+ ft of snow, another nice few inches of ice to layer it – to layer EVERYTHING – made our frenzy even more vicious. Like I said in the earlier post, we don’t have all the power to combat this type of thing. Because our small group of snow-plowers and de-icers around Western Washington had already been working for the past 48 hours straight, they needed some relief. Cue: Washington State Governonor, Christine Gregoire.

Mrs. Gregoire, at around 10am Thursday morning declared A state of emergency. A STATE OF EMERGENCY! We were calling in the National Guard for help.

Great, I thought, like we weren’t already the laughing stock of the country, our governor declares a state of emergency.

As it turns out – the declaration might have been a needed thing here in Washington.  Not only was our DOT wiped, but we have so many (quite lovely) big, coniferous trees here, a lot of the branches of these trees were falling off and hitting power lines (half a million people were estimated without power in freezing temperatures) and in some cases, there were deaths reported due to these falling trees and tree branches. Last I heard, these people without power wouldn’t get it back until this weekend.

Laughing at us now, jerks!?

Another thing I found amusing was that the morning after the LA Times came out and called us “wimps”, journalists here spiraled into a fit of rage about it. Tearing into them and spouting off reasons why the LA Times should (rightly) keep it to themselves.  In fact, the day after I wrote my last post, there came a well thought out article from Art Thiel, a Seattle radio sports caster in response to being called wimps.  I find the similarities between his article and my stance, very similar (he just has a LOT more room to talk). Please, feel free to Check it out. It’s definitely worth a read by all transplants.  I’m still chuckling over his tidbit about journalists in Los Angeles holding microphones to curbs so they can hear the rain.

Anywho, like most Seattlites, I’m glad it’s going away.  I’m a firm believer that snow should be a thing only visited when we get up to the mountains to ski/snowboard/snowshoe/cross-country ski/lodge/whatever else outdoorsy seattlites like to do in the snow. After getting my little car stuck a few times yesterday, I’m over it.

Hope to NOT see you next year, snow!


2 thoughts on “Snow in Seattle, Part Deux

  1. I remember we got a very bad ice storm when I was little, maybe 5-6 years old. I just remember because my dad brought it up every time I asked why we had a generator and heated our house with a wood stove. He said it was because of the ice storm took down miles of power lines and the power was out for like a month. And that is why we had a crappy wood stove that heated maybe 2 rooms of the house haha

  2. For a month? Holy crap, that’s insane! in winter ’06 we had a really bad wind storm that knocked our power for just a few days and I remember being miserable. My boyfriend at the time and I would go spend 6 hours a day at the mall just to be somewhere with light! lol

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